Why Do I Keep Coming Across The Same Guy On A Dating App?

Why Do I Keep Coming Across The Same Guy On A Dating App?

You two have a good number of interests that are similar.

The dating app’s algorithm matches people who have similarities in their dating profiles.

Similar interests and life experiences are big cues to the algorithm that two people have a shot at getting along.

This is when you are sent this guy as a match.

Sometimes, it’s not not only the similarities that keeps this guy constantly gracing your screen, it’s the freshness of his dating profile.

Some people delete their dating profiles and create a new one not too long afterward.

This resets everything.

To the dating app’s algorithm, he is a brand new member.

To that effect, it sends out his dating profile to prospective matches who have similarities.

He isn’t new to you.

But the dating app’s algorithm doesn’t know that.

He created a brand new dating profile.

That means that he is a new to the dating app.

He already has similarities with you in terms of interests and life experiences.

Now that he has created a new dating profile, the dating app sees these similarities and believes that you are a great match.

This is where you keep coming across him and yes, it gets old after a while.

As far as the dating app is concerned, it is doing its job.

Furthermore, consider the times you two are active.

Due to scheduling, you two have a tendency to be online at the same time.

Yet another similarity.

A similarity in schedules.

Whenever a dating app’s algorithm sees that two people with similar interests are on the dating app at around the same time, it is prone to connect the two of you.

All of a sudden, there he is.

You log in the next day into your account and there he is again.

And the next.

It gets old, yes.

Nonetheless, the dating app believes that you two are a great match, and being that you are both online at the same time day after day, it is compelled to connect the two of you.

Consider something else.

How often have you viewed this guy’s dating profile?

When you view someone’s dating profile multiple times without doing anything in terms of sending a message or interest signal, it makes the algorithm curious.

This isn’t solely on your end.

The algorithm has observed him doing the same thing.

He has viewed your dating profile multiple times without opening conversation or sending an interest signal.

What is the dating app thinking when it observes this?

Here are two lovebirds too shy to open a conversation.

Coming to this conclusion, it is motivated to keep having you two cross paths, believing that persisting in doing this will finally make one of you come out of your shy shell.

As far as it is concerned, it is only a matter of time before this happens.

Algorithms on dating apps are immensely sensitive to how you behave from the moment you log into your account to the moment you leave.

It has been programmed to match.

That is its purpose.

When you keep coming across the same guy, the algorithm is telling you that it knows best and you should strongly consider giving him another look.