Online Dating: 1st Date And I’m Hooked. Is That bad?

Online Dating: 1st Date And I'm Hooked. Is That bad?

This guy has left you completely blown away.

You met him on a dating app, agreed to meet up on a first date, and you are now hooked.

It was a lovely date that lasted for many hours.

You weren’t expecting that and now you have spent all day thinking about him.

You have never had such an amazing first date.

Never has any guy left you completely blown away to such an extent that you couldn’t sleep after the date.

This is great news.

A first date that goes well is wonderful.

But it is a first step.

It is a bad idea to get carried away this early.

It is too early right now for you to get hooked.

People are good at bringing the best representation of themselves to a date.

This is why you have to give this time.

You can’t instantly make a judgment on who this person is based on one date.

It is too soon.

This is when you let your mind get the best of you.

Oftentimes, this has a lot to do with having previous dates and relationships that weren’t that great.

Your last boyfriend wasn’t the best.

That left you bitter about dating and relationships.

To a large extent, that is why you got on a dating app.

To give yourself a better shot at finding someone better to date.

Now that you have found someone who is seemingly better than guys you have dated in the past, it is natural for you to get overly excited.

This guy was like a breath of fresh air compared to what you have gone through in your past relationships and dates.

Unfortunately, this is where you let your excitement get the most of you and you get hooked.

The truth is, this is a new guy and as of now, there is no way to know whether he would make a good boyfriend until you have given this time.

Time is required to vet people.

Time provides an avenue for further conversations and dates with this guy.

Naturally, the longer a person has time to get to know someone else, the greater the odds you get to see who they really are.

You get to see chinks in their armor.

If he is hiding a dark personality or poor personality traits, you have greater odds of discovering them the longer you take to get to know him, than if you were to get too caught up in your emotions right now and make a judgment that he is the right man for you.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

It doesn’t matter how much you two match on paper and how great the first date was.

Additional time is required to see whether he is being sincere in who he has presented himself to be to you.

The good news is that the first date is out of the way and you now have an open road to gain greater knowledge of this guy.

Get on this path for a while and be patient.

In a few weeks, you will have a much better picture of what this guy is about.