Online Dating: Short Responses

Online Dating: Short Responses

It is no longer a surprise to you when you message a girl and she replies with a short response.

Regardless of how well you construct a message, asking an open-ended question that is designed to foster ongoing conversation, she responds with something short.

A one-word response or a short phrase.

It is irking to put in such an effort in messaging a girl on a dating app and be on the receiving end of such little effort in her response to it.

It leaves you scratching your head on what to do.

Many-a-time, you keep going, throwing various questions at her in the the hopes that something finally sticks.

You use whatever you find on her dating profile as a conversation starter, and when that runs out, you throw out whatever comes to mind that you have used in past conversations with women throughout your dating history as conversation starters.

It never works.

If anything, it gets worse the harder you try.

She responds with shorter messages and takes longer to respond.

You are digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole the harder you try.

You are at a loss of what to do in these situations.

I get it.

It is tough to go through this on a dating app.

She is breadcrumbing you in responding, giving you hope that she likes you, causing you to make excuses as to why she is giving you such short responses.

You tell yourself that she is too busy or shy to give you full responses, but as long as you hang in there, she will get better.

You fall for this breadcrumbing each and every time.

It’s like you are knowingly torturing yourself each and every time you are chatting with a girl like this, making yourself believe that each time will be different.

You are no sadist.

Psychologically torturing yourself gives you no pleasure whatsoever.

Yet, you keep doing it.

A girl who gives short responses has little interest in you.

Assuming that you are asking the right questions, preferably starting with asking her thoughtful open-ended questions in reference to her dating profile, she should be giving you detailed responses.

She chose to be on a dating app.

As long as she is on a dating app for the right reasons, she should be enthusiastic about responding to your messages after matching with you.

When she isn’t demonstrating that enthusiasm in the responses she gives to you, she is indicating that she isn’t all that interested in you.

Unlike guys, girls receive a preponderance of matches on dating apps.

Although she swiped right on your dating profile, she has a number of matches she is prioritizing before you.

She doesn’t know whether things will work out with these guys of higher priority to her.

That is why she gives you short responses.

She hopes that the short responses keep you around while she pays greater attention to the men she is a lot more interested in.

If things don’t work out with those men, she might change gears in putting a greater amount of effort in her responses to you by making them longer, but there are no guarantees of that.

You are better off redirecting your energy to someone else.

When a woman is consistently giving you short responses to thoughtful open-ended questions you are asking, don’t waste any further time trying to get a conversation going with her.

She has put you on a back burner, and is breadcrumbing you.

Look at yourself as a catch and stop debasing yourself into desperately messaging a girl who is breadcrumbing you on a dating app.

The time you waste in desperately messaging a girl like this, is time you could have spent chatting with girls who are enthusiastically interested in you.