Do Fake Dating Profiles Also Show Up In Small Towns?

Do Fake Dating Profiles Also Show Up In Small Towns?


Fake dating profiles are ubiquitous, and they do show up in small towns.

Small towns aren’t immune from the scourge of fake dating profiles.

This being said, if your search and match parameters are strictly relegated to a small town, you won’t receive anywhere near as many matches as you would if you were living in a big city.

Naturally, with less prospective dates available in your area, you are exposed to less fake dating profiles.

So, technically, less fake dating profiles are showing up.

But again, that has more so to do with the smaller population in your small town, than anything else.

In keeping your search and match parameters within your small town, there is less occasion for you to see fake dating profiles.

However, it doesn’t always benefit you to keep your search and match parameters within the limited confines of your small town.

It reduces the number of matches you receive which makes it that much harder for you to find a suitable partner.

If you have been having trouble getting matched with multiple dating options in a small town, it would do you good to extend your search and match parameters.

This means that you have greater exposure to a greater amount of matches.

Of course, this means that you would have greater exposure to fake dating profiles too.

But as long as you know what to look for, you won’t have to worry too much about their effect.

Fake dating profiles have telltale signs that make it obvious they are fake.

A fake dating profile is habitually written with bad grammar.

There are poorly constructed sentences, misspelled words, or missing words.

This instantly lets you know that whoever constructed the dating profile isn’t a native speaker.

A lot of dating profiles originate from foreign countries by scammers who don’t have a good grasp of the language of the country they are targeting.

A fake dating profile has unusually attractive photos.

It’s almost like each photo was purposely staged to look alluring.

Watch out for photos that show the person scantily clad.

These are by design.

The scammer behind the fake dating profile is hoping to get you so hooked by the sexy pictures, you ignore the fact that the bio is filled with grammatical errors.

A fake dating profile is sometimes brazen enough to include a social media handle or a link to a different website inside the bio.

This is suspicious.

Scammers want to get you away from the dating app quickly.

Once you are on their social media or website of choice, it’s easier to get you to do what they want you to do.

This has a tendency to be financial in nature.

Instead of getting a false sense of security in knowing that fake dating profiles don’t show up in as large a number in a small town as they do in a big city, educate yourself on how to identify a fake dating profile.

When you have strong knowledge about what a fake dating profile looks like, you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way, whether you keep your search and match parameters within the area of a small town, or expand it.