Online Dating: How To Differentiate A Gamer From A Gaming Addict?

Online Dating: How To Differentiate A Gamer From A Gaming Addict?

It’s happened more than once.

He states that he likes gaming on his dating profile, but he has a ton of other interests listed too.

Being that he has a number of different interests listed on his dating profile besides gaming, you figure that he is a multifaceted guy.

So you swipe right on his dating profile.

The ensuing conversations are good.

You go on a number of dates with him until they culminate into an exclusive relationship.

The first few months of the exclusive relationship are good.

You are going out on dates and having a good time.

After roughly the 6 month mark, he starts pulling back.

He is not taking you out on dates as much.

Instead, he is spending more time at home, playing video games.

Not long after this, he stops going out on dates with you altogether.

His life consists of going to work, playing video games and sleeping.

You try your best to encourage him to go out with you, but it is all for naught.

He ends up back on his couch with his video game console in hand.

It is no surprise that you end the relationship.

Now, you are back on a dating app again and you don’t want to keep running into this hitch.

You don’t want to spend several precious months of your life dating a guy who tricks you into believing that he likes gaming but isn’t a gaming addict.

You don’t want to be misled again.

It isn’t that you are totally against dating a guy who games.

After all, you don’t mind picking up a gaming console and playing alongside him.

You just don’t want him to be a gaming addict.

He has to have other interests.

Interests that get him out of the house and puts him in social situations.

I know this ordeal hasn’t been easy for you.

But there is good news.

It isn’t that hard to differentiate a gamer from a gaming addict.

Clearly, it doesn’t do you much good to take what you read on his dating profile as truth.

Listing gaming amongst multiple interests gives the impression that he isn’t a gaming addict.

You have fallen for this before and been bit by it multiple times.

Instead, differentiate a gamer from a gaming addict by his relationships.

Are his friends casual gamers or gaming addicts?

If they are gaming addicts, there is a great odds that he is as well.

Does he have close relationships?

A gaming addict spends most of his time playing video games.

This makes it impossible for him to build close healthy relationships with people.

Additionally, does he show genuine interest in the activities you participate in at the early stages of courtship.

Does he demonstrate extended knowledge about the activity?

When a guy is being fake about having various interests, he doesn’t demonstrate as much passion and knowledge while doing those activities with you as he would when there is genuine passion.

It isn’t hard to tell when a guy is basically going through the motions as he does these activities with you in the early stages of courtship.

This is especially true when you observe that his energy level is markedly different when he is playing video games.

He demonstrates extensive knowledge about the video game and is undoubtedly way more energetic as he plays it.

These are early signs that he is faking his interest in these various activities and would much rather be playing video games.

This is a gaming addict.