Online Dating: Asking For Photos?

Online Dating: Asking For Photos?

No matter how many photos you have on your dating profile, you keep getting asked for more whenever you get matched with a guy and get into conversation.

It is off-putting to keep getting asked for photos when you have more than enough photos on your dating profile.

This has you wondering why men do this so much.

What is it with their obsession with asking for photos?

Many women on dating apps complain about this phenomenon.

Men do this with the intent of receiving photos from you that are different from the ones you have already posted on your dating profile.

It makes him feel special when he knows you are sharing photos with him that you don’t have posted on your dating profile.

That’s personal and intimate.

Men who get to see your dating profile aren’t privy to these photos, but he is.

Once he has gotten these preliminary photos from you, he is encouraged to ask for more.

Sending him another photo or group of photos makes him that much more hungry for additional photos.

He keeps asking for them.

Every new photo he receives gives him the impression that you are prioritizing him over everyone else.

As a result, he becomes insatiable for your photos and waits excitedly for them like a dog awaiting a treat.

This continues until you either run out of personal photos or tell him that you don’t want to send anymore.

Given that you were so open to sending him these photos, he has been led to believe that he can do this with a bunch of other girls he matches with on a dating app.

When he matches with a new girl, he asks her for extra photos too.

Like you, when she sends him those extra photos that aren’t displayed on her dating profile, he gains a stronger perception of intimacy with her.

An intricate connection develops.

Until, like you, she runs out of photos or gets tired of sending him photos.

Unfortunately, he is addicted to this feeling now.

Like a drug addict, he is asking for photos from each and every new match he receives.

When a guy asks for photos, even though you have lots of them on your dating profile, he is aiming to get you used to the idea of sending him photos.

It begins with a general request for a photo.

Anything you are fine with sending.

As you send him photos, he knows that he is lowering your guard with each and every photo you send him.

There is an ulterior motive.

That being his hope that a point is reached where you are open to sending him explicit pictures.

He hopes that you come to this decision independently, but isn’t against persuading you to do so once he believes a good enough rapport has been established with you.

That is the end goal for these men.

He commences innocently enough, with a request for whatever you are alright with sending him.

It ends with the hope of receiving explicit photos.