Online Dating: I Have Been Ghosted By Someone That I Know IRL?

Online Dating: I Have Been Ghosted By Someone That I Know IRL?

The guy who ghosted you was a guy you know in real life (IRL), but you have never been close to.

An acquaintance of sorts, but it isn’t like you talk to each other every day.

It was nice to match with him on a dating app.

So far, your online dating exploits haven’t been rewarding.

A few conversations that seemed promising have fizzled out.

Other conversations have rapidly transitioned into unwelcome sexting.

It was nice to match with a guy that you have a degree of familiarity with in real life.

You were hopeful that your ordeal would be different with him.

And it was, for a short while.

The conversations with him were respectful and easygoing.

You caught up with what each other has been up to since you last spoke a good while ago.

Soon, he asked you out for drinks.

A tentative date was set and you were looking forward to it.

But the date never happened.

He never got back with you to confirm the date.

You were ghosted and you don’t get it.

There was an exhilarating feeling that it would be different with this guy.

Finally, here was a guy who was capable of keeping a conversation going and asked you out on a proper date when it felt earned.

This was further than you had gone with any other guy you have matched with on a dating app.

You attributed some of this to being acquainted with him from your past.

Amid this, he ghosted you.

What gives?

You don’t get why he suggested to meet for drinks and not follow through.

It’s not that you believe you should be immune from getting ghosted by a match.

With this guy, you expected a better outcome.

You weren’t expecting to be ghosted by a guy you knew.

The ghosting has you reassessing the idea of online dating.

Why stay with it when you have had such lousy luck?

People don’t expect to be ghosted by someone they know.

It makes all the sense in the world that you are explicitly struck by what he has done in ghosting you.

Don’t take it so personally.

Remember, this is a guy you aren’t that close to.

He is an acquaintance.

Although you have normally had good correspondences with him in the past, you don’t really know what he is about as a person.

You don’t know whether he is the sort of guy who ghosts.

For all you know, he has ghosted multiple women in his personal life.

Where you went wrong was in lulling yourself into a false sense of security by virtue of your past acquaintance with him.

Doubly, that false sense of security was further bolstered, owing to the poor experience you have had so far on a dating app.

This guy was a breath of fresh air to you in comparison to what you have gone through with prior matches.

This made you especially hopeful about this date, putting your trust in a guy you are barely acquainted with.

Unfortunately, your emotions got the best of you, and now, you are dealing with the aftermath of getting ghosted by this guy.

Don’t take it personally, and instead, learn a lesson from it.

A dating app has an impersonal nature to it, which makes it so much easier for people to ghost on dates.

It doesn’t matter whether you are acquainted with a match or not, getting ghosted is commonplace on dating apps.