Online Dating: Should I Date If I Am Not Working?

Online Dating: Should I Date If I Am Not Working?

At this time, you aren’t working, and the idea of joining a dating app has dominated your thoughts.

Working isn’t an irritant to you.

You have no trouble working.

That being said, you aren’t working at the moment due to different circumstances.

You don’t intend to make this a permanent condition, but for now, it is the state you are in.

Being human, you crave affection and intimacy, and this has you thinking about signing up on a dating app.

That being said, the elephant in the room can’t be ignored.

You aren’t working, and you are fully aware that lots of women want a man who works.

Dating apps are no different.

The thing is, you aren’t a bum.

You have every intention of working again, but as of now, you aren’t.

Although you know you aren’t a bum, women on a dating app don’t know you.

All she sees is that you aren’t working.

You wish she wouldn’t be so quick to judge, but you recognize that without knowing you personally, she has no choice but have to draw a negative conclusion about the fact that you aren’t working.

Right now, the reality is, without a job to keep you busy, you are bored and lonely.

You want to date, but you are fearful about your prospects of attracting women on a dating app.

Women do have a propensity to desire men who work and are financially stable.

This is a quality that is high on her list.

Let’s not beat about the bush here.

Your desire is to date.

It gets old being at home with no one to hold close, cuddle, or be intimate with.

You can date when you aren’t working, as long as you go into it with an unequivocal recognition that the majority of women on dating apps aren’t looking to match with a guy who isn’t working, and those who do match with you will be strictly looking for short-term casual dating.

If you don’t accept this reality, and sign on to dating apps under the assumption that women will be understanding about the fact that you aren’t working, you are setting yourself up for grave failure and disappointment.

Without this recognition, you are condemning yourself to mental torment.

As you struggle to get matches, your self-esteem takes a massive hit.

When you do get a match, and have a few conversations with her that end once she learns you aren’t working, your self-esteem takes another massive hit.

This is what happens on dating apps to guys who aren’t working, and you must be ready for it, so that you don’t take this personally and give up before you should.

The girls who do decide to match with you won’t be looking for long-term dating.

Keep this in mind.

Without keeping this in mind, you run the risk of getting emotionally attached to a girl, making yourself that much more susceptible to being heartbroken when she ditches you after a few weeks of casually dating you.

The key is to set your mind to the reality of what you can attract on a dating app when you are a guy who isn’t working, and the nature of the relationship you will have with whoever you do match with.

If you embrace this, there is nothing wrong with dating when you aren’t working.

Just have realistic expectations when you sign up on a dating app.

In other words, don’t expect to meet and keep your dream girl.