Online Dating: The Hotter The Girl, The More Passive She Is?

Online Dating: The Hotter The Girl, The More Passive She Is?

It’s a pattern of behavior.

The same occurrence over and over again.

You match with a hot girl, send her a message to kick off a conversation and she gives you a short answer.

This happens irrespective of when you have taken the time to look at her dating profile and asked her an open-ended question on information she included in her dating profile.

It doesn’t matter.

In your experience, the hotter the girl is on dating apps, the more passive she is in her response to you.

She isn’t making any effort to make conversation.

She is giving you a short boring response and that is it.

Subsequent messages you send suffer the same fate.

She does the same thing in sending short answers that aren’t conducive to making conversation.

This behavior is annoying to no end.

It makes you question why she is on a dating app in the first place.

Shouldn’t she be game to have conversations with guys she chooses to match with?

Without fail, you have taken it upon yourself to initiate a conversation whenever there is a match.

This hasn’t won you any favors with the hotter girls.

It’s the same story.

She responds with a short answer and you are left with the aggravating task of figuring out how to get her to be more extemporaneous.

Thus far, nothing you have done has worked.

The hotter girls are too passive in their responses to you.

There is a reason for this.

Hotter girls on dating apps get heaps of attention from men.

She is inundated with matches the moment she signs up on a dating app.

With so many matches, she has to be picky with who she chooses to match with.

Additionally, once matched, she has to receive messages that pique her interest enough to get her to respond with a message intended to foster ongoing conversation.

You are in competition with her numerous matches.

These matches are messaging her too.

This means that your message to her has to stand out from the ones she is receiving from them.

A hot girl on dating apps has seen it all when it comes to messages.

She has received numerous generic messages greeting her with a, “Hi,” “Hello,” “Good Day,” “Good Morning,” etc.

She has read messages that praise her good looks such as, “Hey gorgeous,” “Hello beautiful,” “You are hot,” etc.

And messages that have come from guys who put effort and thought into what they are sending her.

These are guys who have looked at her dating profile and sent her messages in reference to information she included in it.

It’s normally done in the form of a question.

She has seen it all.

To get her to respond to your messages with the intent of getting into an ongoing conversation with her, give her something she hasn’t seen before.

This is what makes your message stand out.

To do this, take a look at her dating profile and look for a minute detail that isn’t immediately obvious or noticeable.

Find a tidbit of detail that is really obscure on her dating profile and use that as a source of your opening message to her.

The guys who are sending her thoughtful messages in reference to her dating profile never look for obscurities.

They pick out the obvious details on her dating profile to use as a source of their first message to her.

Be different.

Pick out an obscure detail.

Study her dating profile closely.

Do you see an obscure tattoo on her that is hard to make out?

Is her dog a little different, possibly a half-breed?

Does one of her eyes have a different color from the other?

These are obscure details that other guys wouldn’t notice.

Use this as the source of your first message to her.

A message like this stands out from the rest, grabbing her attention, and compelling her to respond with enthusiasm and a hunger to kickstart an ongoing conversation with you.