Online Dating: After How Many Dates Should I Stop Swiping?

Online Dating: After How Many Dates Should I Stop Swiping?

There have been a good number of dates with this guy.

You like him and it has been going well.

He has asked about other guys you are dating from the dating app, and inferred exclusivity in dating.

He has made it clear that he isn’t currently going out on dates with anyone else but you.

This has you in a quagmire.

On the one hand, you like how the dates have gone with him, but you aren’t sure about whether you are ready to stop swiping.

You haven’t made him any promises, but there is a part of you that feels guilty, knowing that you are still swiping and he isn’t.

For you, there is a difference between being in an exclusive relationship and dating.

Until you are in an exclusive relationship with a guy, you struggle with the idea of dating him without keeping your dating options open.

You joined a dating app with an intent to keep your dating options open and see what is out there.

This being said, you do feel guilty about the fact that he is only dating you and you are still swiping, open to accepting the offers from men who are asking you out.

It makes sense that you are worried about this.

This is a guy who has shown you kindness and taken you out on good dates.

But you don’t know that you are ready to select him and stop swiping.

It doesn’t take a world of dates to know whether you should stop swiping, especially when you know where your date stands.

He isn’t actively using the dating app and is solely taking you out on dates.

By the fifth date, most women know whether a guy has long-term relationship potential.

If you have been on that many dates with this guy, you should know how you feel about him.

Where you remain doubtful about whether he has long-term relationship potential, you should consider whether you genuinely like this guy as much as you should.

Leading a guy on after going on at least 5 dates with him is never beneficial to either party.

It wastes your time and his.

This being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop swiping.

Technically, you have every agency to keep swiping on a dating app until you are in an exclusive relationship with someone.

This is a guy who doesn’t want to wait until there is exclusivity in a relationship sense, he already wants exclusivity in a dating sense.

And that starts with you stopping with the swiping.

You don’t have to do that.

If you believe you want to keep your dating options open until you reach a point where you want to go into an exclusive relationship with a guy, that is your prerogative.

But you have to let him know that.

Some people on dating apps believe that once two people hit it off and go on a few good dates, they should stop swiping and date each other exclusively, irrespective of whether it leads to an exclusive relationship.

That doesn’t mean you have to ascribe to that.

Nevertheless, if you don’t, you must tell him that.

This way, he gets to make a choice on whether he should keep taking you out on dates.