Online Dating: Tinder Swimsuit Models

Online Dating: Tinder Swimsuit Models

You have seen so many dating profiles of women in swimsuits on Tinder, the dating app might as well be the headquarters of a model recruitment agency.

You don’t believe it one bit.

These women already have their pick of men in the real world, why on earth would they be on a dating app showing off their curves to thirsty men?

It doesn’t make any logical sense and this leaves you thinking that these women are on Tinder for the wrong reasons.

What is it with them?

Is it the attention they want?

Don’t they get enough of that on their social media profiles where an army of thirsty men send them endless DMs asking to take them out?

Don’t they get enough of that in real life where they are admired wherever they go?

As an average man on a dating app in search of an average woman, you are wondering whether you made a mistake in picking Tinder.

Every swipe you have done reveals yet another half-naked woman in a suggestive swimsuit goading you to swipe right.

You imagine that many men have fallen for this, including average men like you in search of an average woman on Tinder.

Which man in his right man wouldn’t be tempted to swipe right on dating profiles with women who should be on the spread of swimsuit model magazines?

These men forget themselves.

They forget that they have never attracted women of this caliber in real life.

It doesn’t dawn on them that dating apps are a reflection of real life amplified to the umpteenth degree.

Instead, they give themselves a pat on the back and declare that they are worthy of these women as they proceed to swipe right on them.

Over and over again it happens.

They swipe right on these devastatingly attractive women and over and over again, they get nowhere.

She doesn’t bother matching with him and when she does, she still ignores him.

These men fall into a murky rabbit hole as the weeks go by and they send message after message to their swimsuit model match, hurt that she hasn’t responded to a single one.

Why do men get so deluded when they join dating apps?

Being on dating apps has given you such a realistic perspective on what you are capable of attracting.

If there is anything positive that Tinder has done for you thus far, it’s that.

Just like so many of these deluded men, you fell for it in the beginning, as a fresh-faced signee.

You swiped right on these swimsuit models believing that online dating had opened a whole new world of dating options to you that the real world could never match.

It didn’t take long before you realized that you didn’t stand a quiver of a chance with these women, just as you never would have in real life.

With the rise of social media and pornography on the internet, many women are taking to dating apps to increase their sphere of influence by gaining new fans and followers.

As long as the dating apps allow it and deluded men think they have a shot with these women, these “swimsuit models” will never go away.