Online Dating: We’ve Gone Out 4 Times And He Hasn’t Asked For My Number?

Online Dating: We've Gone Out 4 Times And He Hasn't Asked For My Number?

Meeting on a dating app led to 4 dates.

Those dates went splendidly.

In 4 dates, you established that the chemistry you had with each other on the dating app was similar to what you had on the 4 dates.

There is one issue.

He hasn’t asked for your number.

You are befuddled by this.

You know that he wants to keep seeing you, as he has given you a strong impression that there are further dates planned.

As far as physical intimacy, the furthest you have reached with him is a kiss.

That being said, you haven’t gotten any sense that he isn’t invested in this.

The dates were fun.

He was conversational and funny.

You were comfortable and he was too.

At least, from what you have deduced.

Yet, he hasn’t asked for your number.

What gives?

In this day and age, lots of people chat with each other without exchanging phone numbers for long stretches of time.

With such technological advances, directly communicating with each other through phone numbers is almost an afterthought.

Keeping this in mind, he doesn’t deem it urgent to ask for your number.

To him, it’s perfectly natural to relegate communication to a dating app or social media when it is this early.

It’s not a big deal to him.

As long as you keep chatting with him and agreeing to go out on dates with him, he doesn’t think it is that critical to ask for your number.

There was a time when phone numbers was the principal way of communicating.

With technological advances, it isn’t the case anymore.

As aforementioned, as long as you keep agreeing to meet him on dates and continue chatting with him on the dating app or social media, he doesn’t think it urgent to ask for your number.

You don’t have to worry about this.

The fact that you have gone out with him 4 times and believe you will go on further dates with him, lets you know that his interest in you remains potent.

A guy who maintains communication with you and keeps asking you out on dates, is a guy who is interested in continuing to see you.

We live in a time where communicating through different digital mediums is commonplace.

He isn’t worried about not having your number at this time.

Being that you are continuing to chat with him and meet with him on dates, he is encouraged that you remain interested in him.

This is what matters most in the early stages of a courtship.

It’s about maintaining communication and dates, while discovering more about each other.

As long as you get along with each other, exchanging phone numbers will happen naturally and in due time.

If you would much rather communicate via phone numbers, he wouldn’t quibble if you were to offer him your number.

But, if you are more of a traditional woman and would much rather he ask for your number first, he likely will in the foreseeable future.

Right now, it isn’t that urgent to do it as he can get in touch with you through a different medium.