Online Dating: “Just Ask …”

Online Dating: "Just Ask ..."

This has you completely livid.

A dating profile that has nothing but the words, “Just ask.”

This has you completely incensed, believing that whoever is behind this dating profile is nothing but cynical and lazy.

As far as you are concerned, it is worse than someone who doesn’t have any bio at all.

The words, “Just ask,” gives you the impression that she is lazy, and worse, she thinks bothering to write a decent title is beneath her.

How condescending.

Instantly, you have a read on her personality that has turned you off and has you swiping left on her dating profile.

At least, when there is no bio, you can make an assumption that the woman created a dating profile with every intention of coming back and completing it.

Instead, the words, “Just ask,” has you believing that she didn’t have any inclination whatsoever to put out any effort.

There is no doubt, you have good reason to be annoyed upon seeing a dating profile like this.

Obviously, you are swiping left the moment you see a dating profile in this vain.

It’s annoying when you are someone who is looking for a genuine connection with someone on a dating app.

Your dating profile reflects this intention.

Time was taken in creating a great title along with a great bio.

From your introduction, to how you wrote about your interests in good detail, you put out conscientious work into making your dating profile as good as you could make it.

Personality was infused in your bio, adding humanity to your words.

This is a far cry from a dating profile from someone who doesn’t bother to write a proper title, let alone bio.

After putting out this much work on your dating profile, you can’t help but believe that a woman who creates a dating profile with nothing but the words, “Just ask,” as a title, along with a few pictures, has no bona fide inclination to take finding someone to date seriously.

It’s likely that she is already on a dating app or two that she is taking more seriously than the one you are on.

Not wanting to be left out, she signs up on several other dating apps, including yours.

This is how she spreads her wings online.

She has no intention of putting out much work or time into the additional dating apps she signs up on.

Nonetheless, in signing up on these tertiary dating apps, she gets to feel like she isn’t missing out on what is out there.

And here is the crazy thing.

There are guys who respond to her dating profile.

It’s absurd, yes.

But there are guys who are desperate enough to respond to her.

As long as she has a few good-looking pictures on her dating profile, these men forgive her terse title and swipe right on her anyway.

This is how she gets away with this behavior, and as long as men forgive it, she keeps doing it.