Online Dating: Do Guys Swipe Right On Everybody?

Online Dating: Do Guys Swipe Right On Everybody?

Scores of guys swipe right on the dating profiles of every woman presented to them on a dating app.

It’s hard to believe, I know.

But, for countless guys, this is how they increase the number of matches they receive.

Guys on dating apps don’t get anywhere near as many matches as women do.

With this much of a disadvantage on dating apps, numerous men take it upon themselves to swipe right on as many dating profiles they are presented with.

As a woman, you are most likely stunned by the sheer volume of matches you receive.

So far, every guy that you have swiped right on has matched with you.

This is a phenomenon that so many women go through on dating apps.

In your dating life, you have never had this much attention from men.

As far as you are concerned, your looks are about as average as it gets.

Yet, since you signed up on a dating app, you have been inundated with the kind of attention that you never receive in your day to day life.

It has left you wondering whether guys swipe right on everybody on dating apps.

The matches in your cue keep growing exponentially each day and it has become somewhat overwhelming.

Yes, guys swipe right on everybody.

Not every guy does this obviously, but plenty do.

As previously mentioned, the motivation behind doing this for masses of men has to do with the dearth of matches men receive on dating apps.

In swiping right on everybody, these men believe they increase their odds of getting more matches.

This being said, you have to understand that a lot of these men are playing the numbers game.

Although it feels good to have all this attention on a dating app, it doesn’t mean that the man you match with is going to be proactive with you.

Guys who swipe right on everybody are playing the numbers game.

He isn’t looking at every single dating profile in detail before swiping right.

He is swiping right indiscriminately.

When he receives a match with you, he isn’t always going to open up a conversation with you or even respond to a message you initiate.

This can come as a shock to some women who get excited about a match.

A guy who is primarily swiping right on everybody and receiving a lot of matches as a result, is more selective with who he chooses to talk to.

Be prepared for the prospect that he doesn’t instantly message you or respond to a message you send him.

Keep your excitement in check when you match with guys, especially the attractive ones.

Some women take it personally when a guy doesn’t talk to her after a match.

Don’t be one of them.

Keep in mind that a multitude of guys swipe right on everybody.

This makes some of these men selective with who they open a conversation with.

As long as you accept this, you won’t be susceptible to disappointment when a guy doesn’t message you after a match is made.