Online Dating: A First Date At A Breakfast Restaurant?

Online Dating: A First Date At A Breakfast Restaurant?

After meeting him on a dating app and having a good number of conversations with him, he asked you out to breakfast at a breakfast restaurant for a first date.

The suggestion stupefied you.

You have never been asked out to a breakfast restaurant on a first date.

Being invited to dinners and drinks by men in your dating past has been the norm.

So, this is a first.

Indeed, it sounds strange to be invited to breakfast at a breakfast restaurant on a first date, but he has his reasons for doing this.

It isn’t unknown to him that inviting you to have breakfast with him for a first date is unusual.

But, he loves the breakfast at this breakfast restaurant and is betting you will too.

He wants to leave a good impression on you on this first date.

The first step in doing this is to invite you to a place that he knows has tasty food.

In this case, a tasty breakfast.

Besides the tasty breakfast food, he knows that meeting you in this breakfast restaurant puts him at an advantage in another area.

In being familiar with this breakfast restaurant and its staff members, he knows that he will be confident when you are there with him having breakfast.

He is fully aware of how confidence plays a role in impressing a girl on a date.

His familiarity with the breakfast restaurant gives him a confidence he wouldn’t have if he had offered to meet you at a place he wasn’t familiar with on a first date.

This desire to be in an environment that inspires confidence in him may befuddle you.

After all, every conversation you had with him on a dating app was fraught with personality and confidence on his end.

He doesn’t want to take how well you both got along on a dating app for granted.

It is easier to conduct a conversation with a person online than it is to do so in person.

He knows this.

As a result, he wants to put himself in an environment that inspires his confidence.

This breakfast restaurant does that.

Between its tasty breakfast food and familiar environment, he improves the odds of impressing you in the midst of his enhanced confidence.

In the end, his entire motivation is to have a successful first date with you.

Additionally, although he knows that proposing a first date at a breakfast restaurant is unusual, he hopes that in indulging in its tasty breakfast food, you give him credit for thinking outside the box by the end of the date.

Girls like it when a guy has the courage to think outside the box and be unpredictable.

He is fully aware of this and knows that you are going to give him props after the date if you enjoy the breakfast restaurant.

This obviously improves the likelihood that you would want to go out on another date with him.

And yes, this time, he will choose an activity that is more conventional, as he wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with unusual dates this early.