Online Dating: When You Get Blocked By A Match For Not Replying Fast Enough?

Online Dating: When You Get Blocked By A Match For Not Replying Fast Enough?

Like clockwork, you are having an ongoing conversation with a woman on a dating app, and she blocks you after not hearing back from you fast enough.

The delay in your reply had to do with you having to attend to a task.

A task like buying groceries, or going to the gym.

You were away from the conversation for about an hour, as she waited on your response to her last message.

A message you had every intention of replying to once you were done with the task that required your attention.

Upon getting back on the dating app to reply, about an hour or so later, you observe that she has blocked you.

You were punished for not replying fast enough.

It isn’t fair in your mind.

It seems like any waiting period that lasts for an hour or more is where you find yourself getting blocked.

No matter how good the ongoing conversation was going, she blocks you after you haven’t replied within an hour or so.

What’s with this impatience?

I get why you are frustrated over this phenomenon.

It has a lot do with the fast-paced nature of online dating.

Being that it is digitally-based, there is a fast food mentality that comes with it.

Just like placing an order at a fast food restaurant and picking it up at the fast food window within minutes, she wants your reply within minutes.

There are lots of people on dating apps.

Matching with people happens at lightning speed.

A person signs up on a dating app and they have a slew of matches within minutes .

As human beings, we don’t encounter this speed in meeting people of romantic potential in our day to day lives.

We don’t walk outside our home and have a bunch of people lined up waiting to court us.

When we go to a bar to socialize, we don’t have a bunch of people lined up waiting to court us either, and this is at a bar, a popular place where people gather to find potential dates.

It takes a while to locate one person of romantic interest at a bar, let alone multiple.

Unlike dating apps, there isn’t a fast lane to meet people of romantic interest as we go about our day to day lives.

The speed in which we get matched with romantic interests on a dating app has warped how so many of us deal with communication with a match.

This speed fosters a mentality that every match should reply to messages sent to them within minutes.

She forgets that people have lives and tasks to do.

For there to be a gap in an ongoing conversation over a period of several hours shouldn’t be unusual.

But, she has been spoiled by the fast-paced nature of the digital world of online dating.

She expects to get a reply within minutes, and if she doesn’t, she impatiently blocks you as a match and moves on.

Yes, it’s cold-blooded, but this is one of the adverse side effects of online dating.

When romance moves into the fast-paced world of a digital hemisphere, it warps reality, making people think that ongoing conversation with a match should be as convenient as ordering fast food.