Online Dating: People Keep Insisting On Wanting An LTR, But Bring Up Sex ASAP?

Online Dating: People Keep Insisting On Wanting An LTR, But Bring Up Sex ASAP?

Upon matching on a dating app, these guys give the impression that they want a long-term relationship (LTR).

Whenever you are given this impression, there is relief on your end.

But, inevitably, these guys bring up sex.

It doesn’t take that long either.

He brings up sex after one or two conversations with you, or on a first date.

It’s infuriating.

Nevertheless, it keeps happening.

You are looking for a long-term relationship, and men on dating apps keep tricking you into believing they want the same thing when they don’t.

It puzzles you that these men are so insistent that they want a long-term relationship when it doesn’t take long for them to show their true colors.

Sex comes up as a focal point of conversation ASAP.

This has become exceedingly tiresome.

Continuously matching with men like this on dating apps has given you torturous highs and lows.

On your dating profile, it is clearly stated that you are seeking a long-term relationship.

There is no doubt about what your intentions are.

Even your pictures are conservative.

No, there are no pictures of you dressed in a bikini.

Painstaking effort was put into posting pictures of you in conservative attire, participating in activities you love.

Regardless of the amount of effort you put into not appearing as though you are looking for anything other than a long-term relationship, you end up matching with men who bring up sex soon after matching with you.

This is a waste of your time and I recognize how exasperating this is.

The difficult truth is, you can never completely rid yourself of men like this on dating apps.

Notwithstanding, reducing the number of occasions that you get matched with a guy who brings up sex ASAP is doable.

For one, take a look at the dating app you are on.

Is it a dating app that caters to people who are primarily looking to hook up?

If it is, you are using the wrong dating app.

Instead, look for dating apps that are geared towards those who are seeking long-term relationships.

These dating apps aren’t always as well-known as the ones that cater to those looking for hookups, but joining them puts you among a much better pool of people who are looking for what you are.

Additionally, get into the practice of leaving a few questions that you want addressed by any match in an opening message they send to you.

Do this regardless of the dating app you are on.

This is how you filter out the men who are serious about finding a long-term relationship and those who are surreptitiously looking for sex.

Guys who are only interested in finding a match for sex don’t bother reading a woman’s entire bio, especially one that is long.

A guy like this is primarily concerned with a girl’s looks, and barely reads the totality of her bio.

When you match with a guy who doesn’t bother to include the answers to the questions you left at the bottom of your bio, it lets you know he didn’t bother reading the totality of your bio.

This is your filter.

Unmatch with these men and move on.