Online Dating: Should I Dump A Guy I Just Started Dating Because He Didn’t Wish Me A Happy Birthday?

Online Dating: Should I Dump A Guy I Just Started Dating Because He Didn't Wish Me A Happy Birthday?

After matching with him on a dating app, you have been on a few good dates with him, and it was looking promising.

That was until he didn’t wish you a happy birthday.

This was a birthday you had mentioned was on the horizon a number of times in conversations you had with him prior to it.

Yet, on the day of, nothing.

No birthday wish from him, whether verbally, or via phone or text.


As someone who places a great importance on birthdays, you were disappointed that you didn’t get a happy birthday wish from him.

This has you strongly considering whether you should dump him.

By not wishing you a happy birthday, he has you feeling like he doesn’t care or isn’t that into you, and that is a turn off.

Hold it.

You just started dating this guy.

It’s still early in his courtship of you.

Dumping him this early over not getting a happy birthday wish from him isn’t wise.

There are lots of guys who worry about being too presumptuous when they just start dating a girl.

He worries that wishing you a happy birthday is too presumptuous of him this early into courtship.

Yes, lots of guys overthink this.

He doesn’t want to seem as though he is crossing a line by wishing you a happy birthday this early.

The fear has much to do with a girl assuming that he is already seeing her as a girlfriend, and getting turned off by this.

Although this sounds ludicrous to you, guys are constantly worried about not doing anything that would turn a girl off when they have just started dating her.

Guys don’t get anywhere near as many matches on dating apps as girls do.

To this end, once he is going out on dates with a girl, he doesn’t want to do anything to risk turning her off.

To him, wishing her a happy birthday this early into courting her is one of those areas.

This early into courtship, give him the benefit of the doubt.

Do not dump him.

Presumption for these guys is a worrisome factor, and it should be to you too.

When you make presumptions of how you expect a guy to act this early into courtship, you run the risk of thinking about dumping a guy when he doesn’t meet certain expectations.

In essence, you get too far ahead, without giving a guy an opportunity to get to know more about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Next thing you know, when a guy doesn’t do something you expect him to do, you are thinking about dumping him.

It could be over the fact that he didn’t text you a good morning that week, or he didn’t text you at the end of a date to see whether you got home safely.

Whatever it is, you consider dumping him.

This early into courtship, it is too presumptuous of you to expect a guy to check every box in what works for you where romance is concerned.

This approach puts you at risk of jeopardizing potentially good relationships with men you hit it off with on dating apps.

It takes time for a guy to learn about what makes you happy, and as long as he continues to actively and politely court you, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.