Online Dating: Should I Go On Dates, If I Am Not Yet Over My Ex?

Online Dating: Should I Go On Dates, If I Am Not Yet Over My Ex?

Lots of people get on dating apps to help them get over an ex.

The idea is to get distracted with someone new and hopefully move on from said ex.

A massive drawback about this strategy is that it merely delays the inevitable.

The new relationship is upended when the guy finally comes to a realization that he can’t get over his ex.

Basically, it catches up with him.

He tricked himself into believing that he was over his ex at the commencement of the new relationship.

For a while, he got lost in it.

He took his new girlfriend out on dates.

Bought her gifts.

Introduced her to his friends and family.

As time progressed, the initial high of his new relationship wore out.

The reality that he never got over his ex is now at the forefront.

Hiding it is no longer an option.

He is waking up thinking about his ex every day.

At work, he is constantly thinking about her.

When he is talking to his new girlfriend, he is subconsciously comparing her to his ex girlfriend.

Suddenly, he realizes he is incapable of holding back anymore.

He gets on his ex’s social media to see what she has been doing lately, or talks to mutual friends to find out whether she ever mentions him to them or whether she is dating anyone.

Eventually, he takes it further by contacting her.

This is why it is rarely a good idea to go on dates with matches from a dating app when you are not yet over an ex.

Guys are especially susceptible to reaching a point where they miss an ex and can’t get said ex out of mind.

This has a lot to do with how a guy processes breakups.

He rarely deals with his emotions at the time of the breakup.

Unwisely, he pushes them aside, refusing to contend with them.

Given that guys aren’t normally raised to be in touch with their emotions, contending with said emotions as a child and into adulthood is uncomfortable.

As a result, it’s rare that a guy reconciles his emotions before moving on to a new romantic relationship.

This inexperience and reluctance to contend with his emotions, is what leads to a crash a while later, as those emotions rise to the surface, and now he has no choice but to contend with them.

This is extremely unfortunate for the guy and the unlucky girl he matched with on a dating app, of whom he has been taking out on dates or has made his new girlfriend.

For him, the downside is that he now has to contend with these emotions way too late, which means that these emotions have only gotten stronger over time.

This makes them that much harder to overcome.

For the girl, she has wasted several months or years of her life with the guy, and has lost out on people who would have been better matches for her on a dating app.

Going out on dates with matches from a dating app when you haven’t gotten over your ex is a bad idea.

You have to contend with your unresolved emotions before going out on dates with new girls, or getting into a new relationship.

I know it’s scary to do this.

Notwithstanding, it is to your benefit.

The major step in doing this is to forgive your ex and yourself.

People aren’t perfect, and neither are relationships.

When you forgive your ex and yourself, it opens you up to being honest with yourself about where you both went wrong in the relationship.

This facilitates in providing answers to the important questions about where the relationship went wrong.

Once you have answers to these questions, there is a reassurance and peace that replaces the sadness you once had for the loss of the relationship that you were keeping hidden further back in the recesses of your mind.

Finally, you aren’t scared.

Wholeheartedly, you know you are prepared to move forward having learned from your past mistakes.

This is when you are ready to get on a dating app and go on dates.