Online Dating: She Showed Up Completely Wasted

Online Dating: She Showed Up Completely Wasted

There she was.

A match from a dating app that you had arranged a date with, drunkenly stumbling to the table, with her eyes bloodshot, and slurring her words.

It was shocking to see her so completely wasted.

Needless to say, the first date didn’t go well.

She hardly said anything coherent.

To cap it off, the last memory she left you with by the end of the date was of her hunched over, puking her guts out in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Since the date, you have been questioning whether you were too nice in sticking around and having dinner with her.

It’s bewildering, she never gave you any indication that she was like this while you were chatting with her on a dating app.

After matching, the conversations were enjoyable enough.

There were a number of common interests, which gave you the inspiration to ask her out on a date.

After such a good introduction, why would she show up completely wasted at a date?

Being on a dating app, it isn’t out of the question that she was at a different date before meeting up with you.

It’s not unheard of for people on dating apps to arrange to go to multiple dates on the same day with different matches.

At the prior date, she had a few drinks too many.

Before she knew it, she was inebriated.

She told herself she could handle it.

By the time she arrived at the restaurant to meet you, the intoxicating effect of the alcohol had intensified.

Unfortunately, she was completely wasted by the time she was stumbling over to your table.

The intoxication only worsened as she sat at the table, barely able to get a coherent word or sentence out.

It all culminated with her puking in the parking lot.

I know how disappointing this is, but know that this isn’t completely unusual.

Dating apps have spoiled people with an assortment of never-ending matches.

This has people arranging multiple dates with matches that often overlap on the same day.

If anything, the lesson to be learned from her for future reference is to never bite off more than you can chew in one day, when it comes to how many dates you go on and what you consume.

Besides this lesson learned, you have dodged a bullet, if she has an alcohol problem.

Better to find that out on a first date, than after several months of an exclusive relationship.

On a lighter note, there are situations where a girl drinks prior to a first date to quell her nerves.

Unfortunately, in your case, she overdid it.

Before she knew it, she was woozy.

Even then, she thought it wasn’t that bad and that she could go on the date.

By the time she arrived at the date, her alcohol intoxication had intensified, and as she stumbled toward your table, she was completely wasted.

Should this be the case, she just might send you a message of apology in the foreseeable future.

Not every one on dating apps are social butterflies, and every so often, a match consumes alcohol to overcome the nerves before heading out to a first date.