What Does It Mean When Guys Reply On Dating Sites, But Take Ages To Do So?

What Does It Mean When Guys Reply On Dating Sites, But Take Ages To Do So?

There are guys that take ages to reply to a message on dating sites when they have a good number of matches they are already preoccupied with.

A dating app provides a wealth of opportunities to get matches and guys take advantage of this.

When you message a guy who is preoccupied with messaging other matches, and going out on dates with some of them, it takes a while for him to reply to you.

Obviously, this isn’t convenient for you.

But you mustn’t get into the habit of waiting for a guy to reply to your message on a dating site.

The better approach is to conduct conversations with multiple matches.

This means that you should avoid the temptation of being too picky.

Being open to talking to a variety of guys puts you at an advantage.

It keeps you from waiting around on some guy you messaged earlier who is taking ages to reply to you.

Waiting around on a guy like this makes you too beholden to him, and this works against you when you finally get a reply from him.

Relieved that he finally replied to your message, you give off an energy of desperation and over-eagerness.

He senses this and doesn’t take you seriously as a result.

As he observes how quick you are to respond to him, and how hard you work to keep conversations going with him, he realizes that you are someone who isn’t having much luck getting the matches you want, or getting dates from these matches on a dating site.

Once he has this notion, he doesn’t value you much and takes you less seriously.

No matter how hard you work on keeping a conversation going, he gets into a routine of taking ages to reply to you.

This is not good for you, which is why you mustn’t have a scarcity mindset on dating sites.

Be proactive in opening conversations with various matches, as opposed to messaging a very few and waiting for a reply.

When you are conducting conversations with multiple matches, you give yourself multiple distractions.

This works in your favor.

A guy’s dating profile isn’t a totality of who he is as a person.

When you take a chance on matching with a dating profile of a guy who doesn’t check every box in what you are looking for in a match, you would be surprised at what you learn about him once you get into a conversation with him.

There are new common interests realized that weren’t mentioned in his dating profile.

That is what conversation is all about.

Getting further information about someone to determine where you connect.

With this approach to online dating, you broaden your horizons.

Instead of waiting around on a guy to reply to your message, you are engaging with multiple guys that are connecting with you on multiple levels.

By the time the guy who has been taking ages to reply to your message does reply, you haven’t thought about him in ages.