When You Are Talking To A Guy On A Dating App And His Account Gets Deleted In The Midst Of Texting?

When You Are Talking To A Guy On A Dating App And His Account Gets Deleted In The Midst Of Texting?

What bad luck.

This was a guy you were getting along with on a dating app.

There were common interests established and everything looked so promising.

Out of nowhere, as you were in the midst of texting him, his account got deleted.


Finally, here you were, establishing a connection with a guy and breaking the ice, and this happens.

His account gets deleted.

The shock was palpable, and it compelled you to refuse to accept it.

It had to have been a glitch of some kind.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

No matter how much time you gave it, his account didn’t return.

As the hours went by, the hope of its return gradually decreased.

A few hours stretched to a day.

A day to a week.


The realization finally sunk in.

His account was gone.

Although you did what you could to socialize with new matches you received during the course of that week, it wasn’t the same.

These new matches couldn’t hold a flame to the match you lost.

The romantic spark was missing with each and every one of them.

The truth is, you are saddened, even depressed over losing this guy to an account deletion.

This is tough for anyone, and I know that you must feel as though you have the worst luck in the world.

All hope isn’t lost though.

Being that you were already establishing a great rapport with this guy, it’s feasible he is just as saddened by losing out on continuing to communicate with you as you are.

Keeping this in mind, do your due diligence in seeking him out on other online platforms.

If you have his first and last name, you are set.

A significant number of people on dating apps have social media.

Meaning, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to send a friend request or DM to him on his social media, reminding him about you.

Since you two got along so well on the dating app, he would be very receptive to your message.

In the event you don’t know what his first and last name is, think back to what his username was on the dating app.

People have a tendency to use the same username on multiple online platforms.

Do a text search of that username and keep it localized to your area.

If he has used the same username on various online platforms, it is likely you will find him.

Additionally, do an image search of the username, keeping it localized.

Given that he has previously posted images of himself on a dating app, he has most likely done the same thing on various online platforms.

Should you be in luck, his username is connected to an image.

An image of him.

Finally, you are in luck.

All of this being said, try not to get lost going down a rabbit hole as you seek this guy out online.

It’s not like he doesn’t remember the dating app he met you on.

When push comes to shove, a guy will do everything possible to reconnect with a girl he likes.

For all you know, he may be out there in the online hemisphere desperately trying to find you too.