Sometimes I See A String Of Dating Profiles So Bad It Makes Me Pause My Account For A Few Days?

Sometimes I See A String Of Dating Profiles So Bad It Makes Me Pause My Account For A Few Days?

That has much to do with your frustration over not having matched with compatible people thus far.

With such bad luck, you have developed a negative mindset with online dating.

There have been fleeting moments where you thought your luck was about to change.

These were moments where a match was established and the ensuing conversations were promising.

Until they weren’t.

Inevitably, a number of these seemingly promising conversations either went nowhere or fizzled out.

It’s disheartening.

This only adds insult to injury, making your online dating participation that much more agonizing.

With this much mental angst, a string of dating profiles that are so bad look like a thousand dating profiles.

With your patience wearing thin, you are less likely to give a guy’s dating profile a fighting chance.

The moment you see anything that turns you off, there is an instant judgement that his dating profile is bad.

Having this negative mindset makes you susceptible to missing out on dating profiles that were otherwise good, save a bad photo or opening phrase.

I get it, you are getting fed up with this whole online dating thing.

Nevertheless, there is a reason why you keep coming back after pausing your account for a few days due to seeing a string of bad dating profiles.

There is a part of you that is hopeful that when you return, your luck changes, and you finally get matched with someone compatible.

Unfortunately, your luck won’t change unless you change your mindset and approach.

Don’t be so quick to judge a dating profile the moment you see something that irritates you or turns you off.

Think about what irritates you.

A badly taken photo?

Keep in mind that guys are terrible at taking photos.

Some of the dating profiles that you instantly categorize as bad the moment you see a badly taken photo or two, aren’t.

Once you take a look at the rest of his dating profile, you would be surprised at what you find.

Common interests.

Similar life experiences.

A sense of humor.

Doesn’t this sound like someone you would want to get to know?

Instantly seeing something you don’t like on a guy’s dating profile doesn’t signify that the rest of his dating profile is just as bad.

Sometimes, the rest of his dating profile is better than what you initially see.

It does you no good to pause your account whenever you see a string of dating profiles that are so bad.

As aforementioned, unless you make changes to your mindset and approach to online dating, nothing will change when you return.

Ask yourself about what you want to attract.

When your dating profile keeps attracting potential matches that have bad dating profiles, the content of your own dating profile is a major contributor to this.

Instead of leaving your dating profile as is whenever you return, make changes to it.

Post a new set of photos and write a new bio.

Instead of having a broad slew of elements that you are seeking in a partner, narrow it down to a few core elements.

The elements that matter most to you.

This reduces the number of dating profiles you are presented with, but it facilitates in getting the dating app’s algorithm to send you much more compatible matches.