Online Dating: She Texted Back After A Month And I Am Not Sure If I Should Respond?

Online Dating: She Texted Back After A Month And I Am Not Sure If I Should Respond?

After matching on a dating app, the subsequent chats went well.

There was an easygoing nature to them, making you hopeful for the future.

Out of nowhere, she did something you weren’t expecting.

She didn’t reply to a text message you sent her.

You gave it a few hours, figuring she was busy.

A few hours stretched to a day and a day stretched to a month.

It was disheartening, but you kept yourself busy in your day to day life so as not to permit the disappointment to overwhelm you.

Suddenly, you receive a text message from her.

After a month.

She didn’t mention the absence in her text message.

Rather, she politely inquired about your well-being.

She is expecting a response from you.

Still, you aren’t sure if you should respond to her belated text message.

Given how good the chatting with her had been going prior to her monthlong disappearance, it took a lot for you to keep yourself from double texting her.

You held back on doing so.

Now that she has texted you back after a month, you don’t know whether it is wise to respond.

Should you text her back?

No, you shouldn’t.

It took her a month to reply to your last text message.

This means that her interest in you is minimal.

During her monthlong absence, she has likely been talking to various guys on the dating app of whom she has a greater amount of interest in.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work out with them, leaving her with no better options but to text you.

This is worrisome for you.

If you were to text her back and let her back into your life, you would be nothing but a placeholder.

The moment someone better comes along, she is bound to do the same thing.

She going to abandon her ongoing conversation with you and redirect her attention to her preferred new match.

This is why you have to be weary about replying to her text message.

It’s true, there is a possibility that her belated text message wasn’t about a prioritization of an unknown number of matches over you.

However, it has been a month.

It doesn’t take much effort to send a text letting you know that a family or life emergency has occurred, which is going to tie up her time into the foreseeable future.

That is the kind thing to do.

She could have taken a few minutes of her time to send you a text message letting you know about what has come up in her life.

In not doing so, she showed a total disrespect and disregard for you.

Given that you had already established a degree of rapport with her in the prior conversations you had with her on the dating app, she owed you a text message as a courtesy.

A text message giving you a head’s up on what had occurred in her life and how that would affect her interaction with you.

She didn’t do that.

So, whatever the reason for her monthlong absence, whether it was a preoccupation with men she had prioritized over you on the dating app, or a legitimate family or life emergency, the fact she didn’t text you back until a month later lets you know how insignificant you are to her.

Do yourself a favor, don’t respond to her text message.

Move on to a match that has more respect and interest in you.