Online Dating: Is Bowling A Good Or Bad First Date?

Online Dating: Is Bowling A Good Or Bad First Date?

Bowling is a good first date.

It’s fun, and beneficial to conversation.

Whenever there are lags in conversation, talking about bowling fills in that lag, until someone comes up with a new topic.

This being said, don’t make an assumption that your date is fine with bowling for a first date.

Most women won’t have an issue with bowling as a first date, but run it by her first.

Don’t suddenly tell her about it on the day of the date or the day before.

Make this suggestion early so that you don’t take her surprise, especially if she is a girl who would be reluctant to go bowling.

Should she agree to it, she now has time to get ready for it, and women like this type of latitude when it comes to dates.

Now that you know she is game for it, avoid the temptation to be overly competitive.

Guys who like or love bowling fall into this temptation.

She is nowhere near as good at bowling as you are.

The temptation to show off to her, as you do to your male friends whenever you are bowling with them, is likely, and potent.

Bowling is a traditionally male-dominated activity.

Remember, she isn’t one of your male friends that regularly bowls with you.

She is your date.

A first date is supposed to be fun, not competitive.

To this end, let her win some games.

Letting her win keeps the date pleasant, keeps her engaged, and scores brownie points with her.

Given the male-dominated and competitive nature of bowling, it is common for fights to break out at bowling alleys.

Do your due diligence in choosing a bowling alley that isn’t reputed for brawls, and choose a day and time where you know that there are no bowling competitions scheduled.

Without this due diligence, you run the risk of your date being in constant discomfort, as guys in adjacent lanes drunkenly give her the eye, noisily hooting and hollering every time they let the ball rip.

You want your date to feel as safe and comfortable as possible on a first date.

Additionally, keep track of time.

Guys who like or love to bowl sometimes get lost in the game, losing track of time.

Meanwhile, your date is surreptitiously looking at her watch every now and then, wondering when you will call it a night.

Keep in mind that you aren’t bowling with your male friends, with whom you have bowled well into the night in the past.

The end of a date is just as important as the beginning of a date.

Not only should you give her a good first impression, but you must give her a good last impression too.

With this in mind, plan on playing for about an hour to start.

This should be enough time to have two games.

If you two are having a really great time, she will most likely want to play longer.

Nonetheless, plan on an hour to start.

This way, you don’t run the risk of boring her, leaving her with a poor lasting impression at the end of the first date.