Online Dating: My Online Date Ran Out On Me After 5 Minutes?

Online Dating: My Online Date Ran Out On Me After 5 Minutes?

This has you reeling.

After matching with her on a dating app, a first date was agreed upon soon after.

Once she showed up at the first date, there was a friendly hug and a little conversation, before she told you that she had to go to the bathroom.

The good old bathroom trick.

Needless to say, she never returned.

She pulled the good old bathroom disappearing act.

It had you really sad and somewhat stunned.

There was a little bit of a buildup to this first date, given how good conversations went with her on a dating app.

She was quick to agree to meet you for a first date and her first hug was warm and friendly.

There were no prior warning signs that this first date was about to unfold as it did.

This is the first time that a date has run out on you after a meager 5 minutes.

You have been stood up in the past, and have had first dates that never led to a second, but nothing like this.

It was harsh, and you would have preferred it if she had given you the courtesy of letting you know that she wasn’t feeling it, before pulling the bathroom disappearing act.

Honestly, this has left a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to online dating.

After thinking you had met someone worth your time, she runs out on you after 5 minutes.

Why did she do this?

She wasn’t into you.

The moment she saw you, she knew it.

Take a look at your dating profile and verify that your photos look like you in present day.

And no, don’t say that the photos are a few years old, but that your appearance hasn’t changed in present day.

That won’t work.

You are deceiving yourself in telling yourself this.

Just because you don’t see any difference in how you look today versus how you looked a few years ago, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

A match sees nuances that you don’t.

A change in how your hair looks.

A change in weight.

A change in complexion.

There are differences she picks up on that you won’t.

This is why it is a good idea to ask a few people to look at your dating profile photos before you post them.

Several pairs of eyes are a better judge of whether there are any differences in how you look today to how you looked a few years ago.

Let them be the judge, not you.

If they tell you that there are differences, post more recent photos of yourself so that you don’t go through yet another match running out on you after 5 minutes at a first date.

This girl saw something in your physicality that threw her off, and she quickly realized that you weren’t what she was expecting.

Upon this realization, she wanted a quick exit, and ran out on you after 5 minutes, using the good old bathroom disappearing act.

Sometimes, even if your photos are recent, they don’t provide a good enough perspective for a match to have a good read on what you look like physically.

This happens when you have badly taken photos on your dating profile.

These are photos of you at a distance, among a group of people, in bad lighting, or at odd angles that prevent a full view of your face and body.

Although she chose to match with you, she wasn’t fully confident about your physical looks.

She was hopeful that your photos were merely badly taken, and that you would look better in real life.

Those hopes were dashed when she got to meet you in person.

Once she confirmed that you weren’t as physically appealing as she was hoping for, she quickly exited the date by using the good old bathroom disappearing act.

By posting well-taken photos of yourself in full view and good lighting, you avoid future dates where a match runs out on you, disappointed by how you look in person.