Online Dating: When Do I Tell Them That I’ve Never Dated Before?

Online Dating: When Do I Tell Them That I've Never Dated Before?

There is no requirement that you tell him that you have never dated before, this soon.

Should you hit if off with a guy you match with on a dating app and set up a date with him, he doesn’t have to know that you have never dated before.

I know this is something that you are worried about.

You know that you don’t have much experience in dating, and this has you wanting to tell a guy who has asked you out on a date that you have never dated before.

In doing this, you are hoping that he cuts you some slack and doesn’t have too many lofty expectations of you on a date.

This keeps the pressure off of you, keeping him from any immediate disappointment in the event you mess up on a date or early on in his courtship of you.

I get why you feel like this about this subject, but this is the wrong approach.

It screams of insecurity.

Yes, you have never dated before and lack experience, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot to offer with your personality.

A guy that matches with you on a dating app that asks you out on a date some time later, isn’t concerned about how much experience you have in dating.

His primary concern has more to do with whether the two of you get along on a date, sharing the same chemistry that was shared on a dating app.

When you are too fixated on telling him that you have never dated before, it affects how you go about behaving on a date.

You are so caught up on this that it makes you too nervous on a date, resulting in you not being yourself.

This works against you.

In meeting you in person, he is hoping to talk to a girl whose personality matches that of the one he matched with on a dating app.

When you are too nervous, it’s harder for you to show him that personality, and you end up giving him the impression that you are a phony.

Remember, his primary concern has nothing to do with whether you have dated in the past or not.

He cares about your personality, and chemistry.

It’s too premature in courtship for you to be worried about telling him that you have never dated before.

Focus on being yourself at a date, and nothing else.

Keep in mind that as you go out on future dates with him, you are organically getting an increasing amount of experience in dating.

This means that with each date you go on with him, you are getting better at dating, regardless of the fact that you had never dated prior to meeting him on a dating app.

Guys lead the way when it comes to the preliminary stages of dating.

Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about having to make decisions about where to go and what to talk about.

A guy leads in all these areas in the early stages, as long as you are responsive to what he is doing.

This takes the pressure off of you.

All you have to do is be responsive to what he does and be yourself.