“Delete Account” Option Didn’t Actually Delete My Dating Profile?

"Delete Account" Option Didn't Actually Delete My Dating Profile?

When you returned to a dating app after having deleted your dating profile and uninstalling the app a while back, you realized that your data was never actually removed.

As you were in the process of creating a new account, you saw a big “Welcome Back” message.

That was the first instance that let you know that you were familiar to the dating app.

You were hoping that creating a brand new account would give you a fresh start this time around, as you have a set of new photos that you think are much better than the old photos you used the last time you were on the dating app.

Clearly, the dating app didn’t actually delete your old dating profile.

This is nothing new.

Dating apps rarely completely delete an old dating profile and all of its data.

There is almost always data left behind whenever a person chooses to delete their dating profile.

Now you are stumped.

You are wondering whether you should just get back to using your old dating profile, or enter a different phone number to start over and create a completely new dating profile that isn’t connected to the old one.

I understand why you want a new experience this time around, aspiring for an improvement from what you went through the last time you were on the dating app.

Your mind is in the right place.

Yes, creating a brand new dating profile does give you an advantage in getting a greater number of matches and likes at the outset.

Essentially, you would be like any newcomer to a dating app.

As a newcomer, you would get the privileges that come with it.

Dating apps are prone to promoting the visibility of new accounts with greater fervor than older accounts.

As a newcomer, your dating profile is prioritized and shown to more people than an older account, which increases the odds of getting more matches and likes.

This is good news.

But this advantage is short-lived.

Newcomer status is lost fairly quickly, and lo and behold, you are right back to where you were with your old account, barely getting matches and likes.

To keep yourself from falling into this abyss, keep your dating profile constantly updated.

Do it with fervor.

Keep updating your photos and your bio.

A dating profile that is actively getting updated every few days, is a dating profile that is constantly in the crosshairs of a dating app’s algorithm.

When you use this approach to a brand new dating profile you create, you maintain the momentum.

Instead of falling back into an abyss once you lose newcomer status, your dating profile continues getting promoted by the algorithm and the volume of matches and likes you get remain consistent.

This is how you do it.

If you aren’t ready to do the work to keep your brand new dating profile updated so that you maintain the momentum, your newcomer popularity is sure to wane and you will be right back to where you were with your old account.

Stuck with barely any matches and likes, and very few dates, if any.