Is Beauty A Curse For Women?

Is Beauty A Curse For Women?

We tend to believe that beautiful women have the world handed to them on a platter.

They get the coolest friends, the cushy jobs, the leagues of endless male admirers, are picked out from the long lines at night clubs and given VIP treatment, have their way with little to no effort, and the list goes on.

Beauty may provide all these advantages.

However, I have heard a fair share of complaints from beautiful women about their plight.

Yes, you don’t want to hear some inauthentic “woe is me” plea for empathy from someone who has so many advantages.

However, consider the big picture for some of these beautiful women.

Imagine if just about every one that wants to get close to you does so because of how you look.

In fact, this can lead to the point where you simply become a caricature and not a human being.

Beautiful women often complain about not being taken seriously.

If they try to voice an opinion about something, people may make a halfhearted effort to hear them out but at the end of it all, some of those folks are just thinking, “Just shut up, sit there and be eye candy”.

Beautiful women in the corporate world tend to experience this.

What do you think stuff like this does to their self esteem?

It knocks it down quite a few notches.

A beautiful woman with self esteem issues sounds like an oxymoron, but it does exist.

What about the issue of beautiful women and their leagues of male admirers?

Whether these beautiful women are on online dating sites, at the night clubs or some other public arena, they are consistently hammered with messages and men approaching them.

I know what you are thinking. Why should we feel bad for someone who receives this kind of attention?

Well, when people want a piece of you in every which way, it is not hard for these women to simply start seeing themselves as some kind of item at an auction being bid on by an army of starry eyed men.

Have you ever truly wondered what it feels like to be seen as an object?

It might be welcome at first but after a while you are probably going to be begging the auctioneer to cover you with a blanket.

Being beautiful gave her a special place in society until she got older or began to gain some weight.

What happens to her when she is not getting those amorous smiles from men?

What happens when she is no longer the one being singled out by her group of friends as the Alpha Female.

Yes, as her beauty and body fades with age, she is now in a terrifying conundrum.

What she has known her whole life is slipping away.

To some extent, how she had defined herself as a person based on the eyes of others is indeed vanishing like the smoke from a vanquished candle.

She is lost, confused and scared.

She saw what happened to her beautiful mother before her and doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her.

Hence depression ensues fomented by denial.

Actions follow in the hopes of slowing down the process.

Surgery, severing ties with some friends, crash diets, bold purchases, anger and jealousy to those women who are taking her place and so on.

This is not indicative of all beautiful women and their unique experiences.

However, there can be no denial that beauty can have its drawbacks.

So, the next time you see that beautiful woman walking down the street or through a building, understand that she is a living, breathing human being who may actually not be too fond of having the world at her feet.