What Is The Purpose Of Being On A Dating Site If Someone Isn’t Ready To Date?

What Is The Purpose Of Being On A Dating Site If Someone Isn't Ready To Date?

Some people just want to chat on a dating site.

Yes, it may seem odd to you that someone would join a dating site for the mere purpose of chatting, but this is not unusual.

These people are not ready to date because they weren’t looking to date in the first place.

Though you may feel that there are other platforms where a person can go to in order to just chat with other people, a dating site still tends to be a relatively popular option for people who are looking to just chat.

Oftentimes, people who join a dating site for this purpose have already used other chatting platforms.

They may have gotten bored with those platforms or may have not had particularly good experiences on them.

These are people who may be looking for more meaningful conversations with people and feel that the chatting platforms that they have used in the past are just not giving them the kind of conversations that they want.

There are lots of people who believe that a dating site can be used for chatting with others.

They don’t necessary look at it as a place to find a significant other to date.

They look at it more so as a social venue.

You may look at a dating site as a place that one goes to in order to find a date and a relationship partner.

However, the people who only use a dating site to chat with others may have a different mindset.

They may lump a dating site with other social media type sites where people are able to chat and kill boredom.

With this type of mindset, they may not think that it is odd that their only purpose for being on a dating site is to chat.

Indeed, these people may already have real life relationship partners.

They may not be looking to cheat on their partner at all.

They may simply want to find people to have conversations with because their partner may not be around as often as they would like and they tend to get lonely or bored as a result.

Now, perhaps you have been talking to someone on a dating site who has been giving you the impression that they would like to date someone.

Perhaps you have even communicated with this person for a significant amount of time.

You may have felt that it was time to ask them out on a date.

You did that.

However, they may have turned you down or told you that they aren’t ready to date.

In a scenario like this where the person has actually misled you into thinking that they are on the dating site in order to find someone to date, you may be dealing with someone who is looking for the perfect person.

This is something that can often afflict people who join a dating site.

They believe that because they are on a dating site, they should be able to find the absolutely perfect mate who has no flaws.

They may have already been getting a lot of attention from other interested individuals on the dating site.

They may not have gotten this kind of attention from people in the real world.

Now, thanks to all this attention, they feel that anyone other than the perfect mate would not be suitable.

They may talk to you for a while but turn you down on a date because you never gave them enough to believe that you were that perfect mate.

In a scenario like this, this is a person who is delusional.

They are often the ones who wind up staying on dating sites for years.

You should take this as a loss, but maintain a good attitude.

People who are most successful in online dating are the ones who persevere.