Online Dating: Talking To Women As A Woman

Online Dating: Talking To Women As A Woman

It has been difficult keeping conversations going with women you meet on dating apps, and as a woman yourself, you are befuddled by this.

You thought that it would be easier to talk to women, given the similarities in gender, but that hasn’t been the case.

It hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult keeping conversations going with men.

Yet, you want to talk to women too and keep those conversations going.

Women on dating apps receive a lot more messages from men than men receive from women.

A big reason why you have had an easier time keeping conversations going with men on a dating app has to do with how few matches and messages men receive on dating apps.

Some don’t receive any matches or messages at all.

Yes, I know this is hard for you to believe, but this is the plight of loads of men on dating apps.

When you get into a conversation with him, he is elated.

You are one of a few.

He works hard to keep the conversation going with you, knowing that he doesn’t have a whole lot of options.

The opposite is true for women on dating apps.

Being at the receiving end of numerous matches and messages on dating apps, she has the leeway to be picky and less engaged.

She doesn’t have to work too hard to keep a conversation going, considering the army of men who want so badly to get her to match with them or reply to their message.

As a woman, you are getting a taste of what many men go through on dating apps.

She isn’t as motivated to keep a conversation going with you when she has so many dating options vying for her attention.

This is sobering, but it is the reality of what it is like talking to women on dating apps.

Just like men, you have to bring your A game if you hope to keep her chatting with you.

In addition, be vigilant in the women you talk to.

Confirm early that you are talking to a woman who is interested in women.

Women who are bi-curious or bisexual come with complications.

Not all of them are all that serious about dating another woman.

A few text exchanges, sure.

A hookup, sure.

But dating is a different story.

Talking to bi-curious or bisexual woman on a dating app means that you are in competition with an army of men who are vying for her attention.

It has been shown time and time again that many of these women end up dating or marrying men.

Talking to these women for anything other than flirting and hooking up on a generic dating app is challenging.

If you are looking to date, you are better off talking to women who are 100 percent lesbian.

Join a dating app that caters to same-sex couples.

There is less distraction and competition from men.

As a lesbian, she is completely in tune with her sexuality.

This means that whoever you are talking to has a greater propensity to keep the conversation going.

A lesbian woman has no interest in men, so you never have to worry about what sex she ends up dating or marrying.