Online Dating: People Who Don’t Give Their Number Out Till After The First Date

Online Dating: People Who Don't Give Their Number Out Till After The First Date

It’s not that you have an issue with those who want to exercise caution and security.

After all, you two met on a dating app.

She doesn’t know you as a person, and regardless of how good the conversations online have gone, she doesn’t owe you her phone number before a first date.

That being said, it does complicate things when a girl says she doesn’t give her number out until after the first date.

It makes it difficult to figure out what to do when the first date is done.

You find it awkward to follow up a first date with communication over the dating app.

At this point, you believe that you two should have gone beyond communicating on the dating app.

As far as you are concerned, continuing to communicate on a dating app after a first date means that the first date didn’t go well.

How much trust does one need to divulge their number?

A first date in your mind is the litmus test.

And once it’s done, exchanging phone numbers should either happen or not.

When it doesn’t, that has to mean that she didn’t like how the first date went.

You haven’t come to this conclusion based on your feelings.

There has been a pattern where you don’t get to go on second dates with girls who tell you that they don’t give their number out until after the first date.

This is a major reason why you don’t believe that there is much hope in these situations.

As much as you respect a woman’s desire to be safe, it’s hard not to deduce that these women are already banking on the first date not working out.

In which case, why go on the first date then?

Your cynical side is speculating that she is only going on these first dates for her benefit, to feed her ego and have a free meal.

Alas, you don’t want to think like this.

Thinking the worst of people doesn’t do anyone any good.

Nonetheless, the dearth of second dates with women who have this rule has left you believing that you are being had.

It makes sense that you are thinking like this after a good number of first dates that never led to a second.

Since you have had such negative experiences, whenever you newly meet a woman on a dating app, think about asking to chat through a different medium besides phone numbers once you have had a good few message exchanges.

There are other mediums of communication available that several women would have no issue switching to.

This way, you arrive at a middle ground.

She continues to feel safe and you get to graduate to a better form of communication.

It’s always a good idea to move from communicating on a dating app to a better platform after a few message exchanges anyway.

Start doing this first before asking a girl out on a first date.

These better platforms aid in building trust so that when the time arrives to ask for the first date, she has greater odds of offering her phone number in the process.