A Guy I Used To Talk To Swiped Right On Me Twice On A Dating App?

A Guy I Used To Talk To Swiped Right On Me Twice On A Dating App?

This is a guy you used to talk to and went out on a few dates with.

It didn’t work out in the end and you decided to end it.

Recently, he saw you on a dating app and has since swiped right on your dating profile, twice.

You have moved on.

After all, you are on a dating app for a reason.

You are looking to meet someone to date and hopefully spend the rest of your life with.

The first time he swiped right on you, it took you aback but you soon brushed it off.

When he did it again, he got your full attention and made you think back to the time you two were talking.

There were flashes of good, but a lot of bad.

You don’t want to go back there.

You knew that you two weren’t a good match back then, and believe that now.

However, he has you wondering why he has swiped right on you, twice.

Has he forgotten how it went down last time?

The incompatibility that was shared when it was all said and done?

It has you baffled.

You have good reason to wonder why this guy has swiped right on you twice on a dating app.

The last time you talked to him, it seemed like he comprehended that you had no interest in carrying on with him.

Yet, he has swiped right on you twice on a dating app, as though the past never happened.

His mindset is totally different from yours.

Once he got on a dating app and saw your dating profile, his history with you was a major factor in getting him to swipe right on you.

Being that he has a history with you, he felt comfortable swiping right on your dating profile.

With the time that has passed since you two talked, he was hoping that you would reconsider and be open to talking to him again.

He hasn’t had the easiest time on the dating app.

He hasn’t received that many matches or gone on that many dates, if any.

In seeing you, he had hope.

Here was a familiar face that he knew from the past.

A woman who talked to him for a period of time and went on a few dates with him.

That emotion was the instigator.

He decided to swipe right on your dating profile without seriously thinking it through.

Time has a way of making people forget the bad elements of a past relationship or encounter.

As human beings, we tend to latch onto what makes us feel good.

When we look back on certain relationships or encounters, we fixate on the positive elements of them.

That is what he did when he saw your dating profile.

He recalled his time with you, but latched onto the positive aspects of it.

With those positive memories in mind, he swiped right on you.

He swiped right twice, wanting to be certain you didn’t miss his first swipe.

So yes, he is desperate.

He hasn’t had much luck matching and meeting with women on the dating app and is feverishly hoping that you give him another shot.