Online Dating: How Do I Get Matched With More Guys My Age?

Online Dating: How Do I Get Matched With More Guys My Age?

It’s getting out of hand.

Although you have set your age limit parameters on your dating profile, you keep getting targeted by guys who are older than what you want, sometimes, much older.

These guys are swiping right on your dating profile at a much higher rate than guys who are younger, within your age limit parameters.

You don’t get it.

Your age limit parameters are front and center, you aren’t looking to match with men who are older, and yet it doesn’t seem to matter.

These older men ignore that and swipe right on you anyway.

It has left you feeling a little low about yourself.

You want to attract guys your age but they seem uninterested.

It’s not like you are unattractive either.

You have been repeatedly told by friends, family and strangers that you are attractive, but you continue to struggle to attract guys your age on a dating app.

Take solace in knowing that you aren’t the only young woman who is inundated with attention from older men on dating apps.

To get matched with guys your age, there is something you must do first and foremost.

Make sure that the dating app you are using is one that has a good amount of guys your age.

It’s feasible you are using a dating app that is primarily populated by older people.

A dating app that is more popular with the older demographic makes it harder for you to get matched with guys your age.

Check into this first and foremost.

Assuming that you do this and learn that there is a sizable number of guys your age, you now need to figure out why these young men aren’t attracted to your dating profile.

Take a look at the dating profiles of these young men.

Look at their interests and the activities they participate in.

Do you have the same interests and participate in the same activities?

If you do, it does you good to rework your dating profile and showcase yourself involved in the same interests and activities.

Take a look at the dating profiles of the girls who are your age too, and apply the same strategy.

What interests and activities is she showcasing?

What topics does she write about in her bio?

Is there a style to her photos?

A manner in which she looks at the camera or dresses?

If any of these interests, activities, topics and photos resonate with you, adopt the same strategy in your dating profile.

Use these dating profiles as your inspiration.

This is not about copying these women.

Remain true to who you are.

Rather, you are integrating a few factors that you identify with into your dating profile.

These are women your age who are high in search and match results, which means they are getting matches, and a good number of these matches are sure to be from guys your age.

Using this strategy with your dating profile facilitates in constructing a better dating profile, thanks to information you gather from the dating profiles of men and women in your age range.

After constructing your new and improved dating profile, you have better odds of getting a much greater number of men your age swiping right on your dating profile.