Online Dating: “I Am Never On Here.”

Online Dating: "I Am Never On Here."

This is a phrase you have repeatedly seen on dating profiles.

“I am never on here.”

It puzzles you.

You ignored it the first time you saw it, not giving it that much thought.

Just another strange person on a dating app, like so many others.

When you saw it several more times on a number of different dating profiles, you could no longer ignore it.

It is so ubiquitous, you genuinely want to know why this phrase is used on what seems like an ungodly amount of dating profiles.

When a woman uses this phrase in her dating profile, she is communicating that she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to consistent communication on a dating app.

She wants it to be known that any match who initiates a conversation with her should be prepared to go through ups and downs in how frequently she communicates.

There will be good days where there is a regular back and forth message exchange, and bad days where she isn’t responding at all.

She is preparing a match for the possibility of sporadic chatting over an unforeseeable length of time.

Basically, she is covering herself from the ire of a match who may get annoyed that his last message has gone for a week without a response from her.

It isn’t unusual for a dating profile with this phrase to have a social media handle in its bio.

Don’t get too excited when you see this.

It isn’t generally a good sign.

Lots of women leave their social media handles on their dating profiles.

The majority of the time, she doesn’t do this hoping to genuinely connect with you through her social media.

She primarily does it to gain more followers to her social media so as to enhance her social influence.

Lots of men go down the rabbit hole of following a social media handle left behind in a dating profile, only to be left disappointed when the woman is lackadaisical in how she responds to his DMs.

Same thing, different platform.

When you see, “I am never on here,” there are those who do it out of sheer aggravation with the dating app.

Her prospective matches have been too disappointing in how they behave.

These are guys who are viewing her dating profile without messaging her, or sending weak interest signals without starting a proper conversation with her.

She wants these guys to step up and be decisive in how they approach her.

By writing, “I am never on here,” on her dating profile, she wants to create a sense of urgency in these men, so that they know that she won’t be available forever.

Furthermore, there are guys who send her generic messages like, “Hello,” “Hi Gorgeous,” Hey Beautiful,” etc.

In the same vain as the men who view her dating profile and do nothing, or send a weak interest signal like a wink or heart, she wants the men who send generic messages to feel a sense of urgency too.

In reading, “I am never on here,” he instantly realizes that she is rarely on the dating app.

This in turn gets him to recognize that his message to her must be done properly.

It should capture her imagination.

The next time she logs into her account, his message has to impress her enough to get her to respond to him and maintain an ongoing conversation, otherwise, there is no telling when next she will be back on the dating app.