Online Dating: Unmatched After She Learned I Didn’t Have Social Media?

Online Dating: Unmatched After She Learned I Didn't Have Social Media?

It has you worried.

You don’t have social media and you were unmatched by a girl on a dating app once she learned that you didn’t have it.

She wanted the conversation to move to social media and you didn’t have one.

Before you knew what what happening, she unmatched you.

You know that times have changed in this day and age.

Everyone is seemingly on social media, but you.

Now that you are on a dating app, you don’t want this to affect your chances of matching with a suitable mate.

Assuming you aren’t a social media person, it does you no good to go get social media so that you don’t get unmatched by women you meet on dating apps.

Getting social media for the sole purpose of not getting unmatched by women on dating apps, puts you on a path that is nothing but a waste of your time.

Any woman who is all about a guy’s social media presence sees through your sham.

As she watches your behavior on social media, she realizes that you don’t know what you are doing.

You are struggling with getting followers and your posts are stiff.

She is picking up on this and she isn’t impressed.

Inevitably, she unfollows you soon after.

Upon observing your stiff and awkward behavior on social media, she knows you aren’t a social media person and you have no idea what you are doing.

Now you have wasted your time being someone you are not.

There is no reason for you to panic and create a social media account when you know that you aren’t a social media person.

Not every woman you match with on a dating app expects you to have social media.

Given the volume of people on a dating app, there are bound to be women who don’t care whether you have social media.

Several of these women don’t have social media themselves.

Women care whether you have the social skills to make good conversation and keep it going.

As long as you demonstrate this ability when you two match, many of them won’t unmatch with you solely based on your absence on social media.

A woman that unmatches with you solely for this reason isn’t a good match for you anyway.

She is judging you based on superficial aspects without giving you a chance to show whether you have social skills.

The truth is, she is wrong in thinking that social media is the only metric to determine whether someone has social skills or friends.

Lots of people with large social media followings aren’t all that good when it comes to making good conversation in real life social situations.

Some of them don’t have a good number of real life friends either.

Social media can misrepresent a person’s real life social prowess.

These are people who are better at socializing online than they are at socializing with people in real life.

You, on the other hand, have a bunch of real life experience socializing with people and making real life friends.

This is the trait and skill that transcends social media.

A woman would much rather match with a guy with good social skills and healthy friendships with real life people, than a guy who hides behind a large social media following but lacks genuine social skills and real life friendships.

Having bona fide social skills trumps having social media.

As long as you demonstrate these skills with your matches, you are bound to connect with some of them.