Online Dating: How Do Boring Guys With Niche And Unrelatable Interests Pull It Off?

Online Dating: How Do Boring Guys With Niche And Unrelatable Interests Pull It Off?

Having had a few dates with matches from dating apps that never went beyond the second or third date, you believe that it has everything to do with your niche interests, which to you, are unrelatable to women.

With such niche interests, you are of the mindset that women get bored when they learn about them.

It doesn’t help that you struggle to connect with them in areas that most people find common interests, such as popular media, sports, etc.

Matching with these women, and going out on dates that never go much further than a second or third date, has left you feeling like you are in a wilderness.

Pulling it off with these matches and getting beyond a second or third date seems impossible.

You are good at listening, but when it comes to talking, you don’t have much to say.

It’s hard to relate with a woman who is completely unknowledgeable about your niche interests.

I hear you, but you are missing something here.

Even though you have niche and unrelatable interests, it doesn’t mean that women won’t be intrigued by them.

You matched on a dating app.

This means that you already have similar interests in some areas.

Start with those interests that you have in common.

This creates a rapport between you that facilitates a smooth transition into talking about your niche interests.

It isn’t that these women get bored with you.

That is not the reason why you don’t get past a second or third date.

It is more so that you already feel insecure about talking about your niche interests and that makes your presentation of said interests so poor.

These women can tell that you aren’t comfortable talking about your niche interests.

Once she observes that you are already tense as you talk about your niche interests, she is getting tense too.

On top of this, your presentation of your niche interests has little enthusiasm and confidence, and this further exacerbates the vibe she is getting from you.

Before you know it, she is losing interest.

Not because of your niche interests.

Rather, in your presentation.

A girl on a date feeds off a guy’s energy, even when she doesn’t relate to a niche interest he is talking about.

Seeing how passionate he is as he talks about it, she finds herself just as excited as she listens to him talk about it energetically.

It’s about your attitude and presentation.

When you look restless as you talk about a niche interest, she mirrors you.

This isn’t good.

You don’t want her mirroring negative behavior.

Improve your attitude and presentation.

As you talk about a niche interest, create a vivid picture of it.

Provide an interesting background story about it.

Talk about the positive effect it has had in your life.

Show passion.

Using this approach piques her interest, making her so curious about a niche interest you presented to her, she goes off on her own to do further research about it.

Next thing you know, on a consequent date with you, she is divulging information about your niche interest that she learned independently.

She is into it.

Finally, you break through this ceiling of only making it to two or three dates with your matches.

This woman goes out with you every week.