Online Dating: Is It A Red Flag If Someone Is Not Family-Oriented?

Online Dating: Is It A Red Flag If Someone Is Not Family-Oriented?

When you are a family-oriented person, it makes sense that you would want to match with someone that is family-oriented on a dating app.

If family is a substantial part of your life, someone who isn’t family-oriented isn’t likely to be a good match for you.

A guy who doesn’t have a close relationship with his family is less likely to want to have a close relationship with yours.

Being that family is a huge part of your life, a guy who isn’t family-oriented isn’t compatible to who you are, and this makes him a red flag.

It’s different when your sole intention is to match with a guy to hook up with on a dating app.

In this context, he doesn’t have to be family-oriented, as your relationship with him would be strictly sexual in nature.

When you are seeking a long-term relationship, the prospect of whether he is family-oriented or not is far more paramount.

There are family-oriented women who take a risk on a guy who isn’t family-oriented, hoping to change his mindset and behavior as time goes on.

This is ill-advised.

Guys who aren’t family-oriented tend to have deep-rooted reasons for it.

These are reasons that are deeply etched in his psyche, influencing his outlook on life and personality.

When you don’t know how deep-rooted his family issues are, you mislead yourself into thinking that you have the capacity to turn him around.

A guy with deep-rooted family issues that stem from his childhood, isn’t changing his approach to family relations that fluidly.

Deep-rooted psychological issues from his history with family call for a resolution that goes way beyond anything you are capable of doing.

He has to want to fix these issues.

This requires a sustained period of time where he works on himself and temporarily avoids getting into romantic relationships as he does this work.

Too many women get too caught up with an obsession to save the guy, when the guy has never demonstrated that he has any inclination to relieve his deep-rooted psychological issues.

You can’t save him.

Why complicate your life with a guy who has done next to nothing to overcome these deep-rooted psychological issues?

As aforesaid, where your intention is solely based on hooking up, dating a guy who isn’t family-oriented isn’t an issue.

On the other hand, in wanting a match who is a long-term relationship prospect, you are better off dating a guy who is family-oriented.

You know he is family-oriented when you have spent time with him and observed how close he is with his family.

He has family members who speak highly of him and clearly have a good relationship with him.

A perpetual danger that lots of women who choose to date a guy who isn’t family-oriented face is in the prospect of getting cut off from their own families.

A guy with deep-rooted psychological issues stemming from his history with his own family has a tendency to get a woman he is dating to stop or dramatically reduce her interaction with her own family.

He doesn’t want to share you with anyone, including your family members.

This is how he controls the relationship and controls you.

That sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Being that family is pivotal in your life and a family-oriented man is your ideal, it’s best to stick to dating men who have shown a history of being family-oriented for long-term relationships.