Online Dating: Does A Woman’s Living Situation Impact Whether A Guy Asks Her Out Again Or Consider Her As A Partner?

Online Dating: Does A Woman's Living Situation Impact Whether A Guy Asks Her Out Again Or Consider Her As A Partner?

Although you are financially responsible and have a full-time job, you live with your parents.

It’s not because you can’t afford a place of your own.

You want to live in the right place, and given the nature of the current housing market, this isn’t the best time to get out there and buy a house or condo.

With this reality, you decided that you are better off saving the money earned from your full-time job while living with your parents.

The goal is to save enough money to buy a new place in the foreseeable future.

A place that isn’t in a bad neighborhood, but in a great area.

Until you signed up on a dating app, you didn’t think this was a bad plan.

You are young, and have a strategy for your future.

Saving money to eventually afford a nice place in a nice part of town sounds responsible to you.

Yet, whenever you are out on first dates with guys you match with on dating apps, you are asked about your living situation, and never receive a positive response whenever you tell your date that you are living with your parents at this time.

Several first dates have never led to a second and you believe that your living situation has been a poignant factor in these failures.

All these men live alone, and they cast a judgmental eye whenever they hear that you live with your parents.

You don’t want your living situation to be an impediment to finding a good partner.

Is there any point going out on dates with men you meet on dating apps, if they are going to cast you aside upon learning about your living situation?

This is a question that crosses your mind every time you get a match on a dating app and get into conversation with him.

You don’t want to keep getting your hopes up, just to have them dashed when he learns about your living situation on a first date, and decides not to ask you out on a second date, or consider you as a prospective partner.

I hear you.

It never feels good when you match with a great guy on a dating app, get asked out on a first date, have a great time at the date, and never hear from him again.

You have drawn the conclusion that this happens because he learns about your living situation on the date and gets turned off.

There is a simple way to stop this from happening.

Tell a match about your living situation before you meet up on a first date.

After you are matched on a dating app and have some great conversation exchanges, let him know that you live with your parents.

Give him specific details on a time frame for when you plan to no longer be living with your parents.

In learning that you are working a full-time job and saving money to buy a house or apartment in a good neighborhood, you give a guy a much better perspective on your situation.

Most men wouldn’t have an issue with this, as long as you give him a well-thought-out plan on when you plan to move out.

Guys are analytical and logical by nature.

Once he has an idea that you have a plan and time frame to leave, he has the opportunity to look ahead in his mind and see the bigger picture.

This saves you from the risk of blindsiding him on a first date.

With this clarity, a guy has the agency to decide on whether to ask you out on a first date.

Get into the habit of enlightening your matches about your living situation and future plans first.

This way, whenever you get asked out on a first date, the guy is fully aware of your living situation and has made the decision that you are worth it.

This leads to a greater number of subsequent dates.