How Long Does A Guy Take To Respond If A Girl Messages Him First On A Dating App?

How Long Does A Guy Take To Respond If A Girl Messages Him First On A Dating App?

Being that guys receive a lot less matches on dating apps than girls do, it makes it much likelier he responds to a message and responds quicker.

As far as how long it takes for him to respond, a lot depends on his looks.

A great-looking guy is receiving a greater number of matches and messages from women than an average-looking guy.

Assuming the guy you messaged first is great-looking, the length of time it takes to get a response from him is contingent on your looks.

Average response time from a great-looking guy on a dating app is roughly 3 to 7 days, when he is messaged first by a woman who is average-looking.

Every woman wants him, whether she is average-looking or great-looking.

With this much attention, the great-looking guy has the cache to pick and choose who he wants to respond to and when.

Are you great-looking?

If you are, expect a quicker response than an average-looking woman.

As a great-looking woman, a response could come as early as a few minutes to within 24 hours.

The good news is that your message to him doesn’t have to be good.

Guys are primarily concerned with how physically attractive a woman is, and a great-looking guy is no different.

The more physically attractive a woman is, the more she gets away with.

Ergo, as a great-looking woman, your message doesn’t have to blow him away.

As long as you are great-looking, a response is forthcoming within a few minutes to 24 hours.

The less attractive you are, the longer it takes for him to respond to your message, if he responds at all.

Should he choose to respond to your message, you would fall into the 3-7 day time frame, unless your message grabs his attention.

When you are less attractive, putting the work into the first message you send him is pivotal.

The better the message, the faster his response.

A great-looking guy is exceptionally responsive to messages that make him laugh.

It’s not strictly women who love it when guys make them laugh.

Guys love to laugh too.

In making a great-looking guy laugh, you have grabbed his attention.

A lot of average-looking women aren’t attempting to make him laugh.

They send the same generic message saying, “Hello,” “Hi,” etc.

A great-looking woman gets away with generic messages like this, and receives a response from him within a few minutes to 24 hours, but an average-looking woman won’t.

Use information from his dating profile to make him laugh.

Guys, great-looking or otherwise, love jokes that take good-hearted jabs at them.

What have you observed about his dating profile?

Does he have a strange look on his face in one of his photos?

Is he wearing a shirt that sticks out?

Does he use a word repeatedly in his bio that is out of the norm?

These are multiple areas that facilitate in creating a funny opening message to him.

Making him laugh improves the odds he responds to your message within 3 days.

On the other hand, an average-looking guy responds to messages within 24 hours, whether you are great-looking or average-looking.

Average-looking guys on a dating app are already starving for matches from women, let alone messages.

He won’t keep you waiting long.