Online Dating: Banned For No Reason

Online Dating: Banned For No Reason

It is bewildering to you.

Having read through the community guidelines of the dating app, you don’t see why you got banned.

As far as you are concerned, you got banned for no reason and it doesn’t seem fair.

You have never been rude or belligerent to anyone you have had conversations with on the dating app.

The dates you have gone on have been civil, and you have gone the extra mile in paying for the bulk of them.

So why the ban?

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that a date somewhere along the line wasn’t happy with how things turned out and decided to complain about you to the dating app.

That being said, you highly doubt it.

Every woman from the dating app that you have gone out on a date with never seemed unhappy or upset at the end of the date.

If anything, they politely thanked you for the date.

That brings you back to square one, figuring out why you were banned.

It doesn’t seem fair in your mind to be arbitrarily banned for no reason.

You have gone as far as asking the dating app for the reasons why you were banned and you haven’t received any response to that end.

It’s like they have washed their hands of you, acting as though you were never a member of the dating app.

Although you should move on, you are having a rough time doing so.

Yes, you are fully aware there are other dating apps out there, but you have had better success on this specific dating app than others.

You don’t want to stay banned, if you can help it.

I understand the frustration you are going through.

No one likes being banned.

Take solace in knowing that you aren’t the sole person who has been banned on a dating app and left wondering why.

If you truly believe you haven’t violated any community guidelines, the reason behind your ban may have to do with something that is outside of the community guidelines or isn’t spelled out in it.

Think back for a moment.

Have you ever had negative issues on a different dating app that you were signed up on in the past?

Did you receive warnings, flags, complaints, temporary bans, etc.,?

Dating apps share information with each other about their members.

This is especially true when the dating apps are owned by the same company.

It’s that much easier to share information when the two dating apps are owned by the same company.

Although you are on a new dating app, your past behavior on different dating apps follow you.

Being that dating apps share information with each other about members they have had negative issues with, you are getting found out.

As massive as the internet is, it’s uncanny how quickly word spreads.

It doesn’t always happen instantly.

When you signed up on this dating app, they weren’t instantly aware of these issues.

Nevertheless, they eventually got wind of it and consequently banned your account.

Unfortunately, this is one of those moments where a person doesn’t violate the community guidelines of a dating app, but a bad reputation from a different dating app leads to getting a ban.