Online Dating: Why Do So Many Men Never Ask Questions?

Online Dating: Why Do So Many Men Never Ask Questions?

Matching with men who never ask questions is driving you crazy.

It makes you question why these men signed up on a dating app to begin with.

There have been too many occasions where you get excited about a match, get into a conversation with him, and watch as conversations with him fizzle out over time.

These conversations fizzle out when these men never ask you questions.

You are the one who keeps the conversation going, until the conversation fizzles out.

He doesn’t put out any effort.

While in conversation, there are numerous openings for him to ask you questions, but he doesn’t do it.

Although you are asking him questions, he doesn’t return the favor.

Inevitably, the conversations don’t go anywhere.

Online dating is becoming increasingly hopeless to you.

Your efforts to make conversation are never repaid.

There have been several moments where you have questioned whether this has to do with you.

Maybe you are boring these men.

If that is the case, why do these men choose to match with you?

These men see your dating profile beforehand, and by so doing, they are fully aware of your interests and should have a read on your personality.

It can’t be you.

It’s not like you pop out of nowhere to start a conversation with them.

These men choose to swipe right on your dating profile.

Despite this, he never asks questions.

He leaves that to you.

Why do so many men never ask questions?

Unfortunately, these are men who don’t have much interest in you.

Guys on dating apps don’t receive anywhere as many messages as women do.

Believe it or not, some men don’t receive any.

To combat this dearth of matches, many men play the numbers game.

He swipes right on every woman’s dating profile.

This means that he isn’t looking at these dating profiles with intent.

He is swiping right indiscriminately.

The idea is to generate as many likes as possible.

Once generated, he gets to select who he wants to engage with.

There is a hierarchy of who he wants to engage with.

A priority list of women he is most attracted to.

The women at the top of this list receive his unadulterated attention.

He is actively participating in conversations with her, asking her questions, and following those questions up with more questions.

Regrettably, you aren’t on top of his priority list.

A guy who is letting the woman ask all the questions, is a guy who has lukewarm interest.

His sole purpose for giving you any kind of response is to string you along in the hopes that you keep putting out the effort to keep the conversation going.

He is basically keeping you on the back burner.

Meanwhile, he is conducting conversations with women of higher priority on the dating app.

The hope is that he gets these women to like him and agree to go out on dates with him.

Until that happens, he wants to keep you around as his insurance policy.

Considering he is conducting multiple conversations with multiple women he has prioritized over you, he doesn’t want to put in the extra work in asking you questions.

With men like this, it never pays to waste your time working on keeping a conversation going.

A guy who is sincerely interested in a woman puts out full-throated effort to woo her.

It’s in his DNA.

When there is no effort to ask you questions, he isn’t excited about you and is merely keeping you on a back burner.