Online Dating: People Hiding The Fact They Have Kids?

Online Dating: People Hiding The Fact They Have Kids?

There is no doubt that there are people who hide the fact they have kids on dating apps.

The men that do this, believe they have to.

Some of them initially included the fact they have kids on their dating profile when they signed up on a dating app.

He struggled to get likes and matches.

After a while, he got tired of this, and made an adjustment on his dating profile to exclude the fact he has kids, or downright lied about not having them.

The heavens suddenly opened up.

He received a greater number of likes and matches.

Guys, in general, already receive a lot less likes and matches on dating apps than women do.

A guy who has kids receives even less.

The men with kids get desperate, and decide to lie or hide the fact they have kids to gain any kind of upper hand they can muster in order to get more likes and matches.

It’s selfish, yes.

He justifies it by telling himself that the woman who wouldn’t have bothered matching with him if he had indicated he has kids in his dating profile, is going to be so glad she swiped right on him, regardless of the lie.

Once she gets to know him and what he has to offer as a potential partner, she will forgive him for hiding the fact he has kids.

This mentality gives him a clearer conscience.

Obviously, this doesn’t work for you.

Matching with men on dating apps who ultimately disclose they have kids is a complete waste of your time and effort, regardless of how great a personality a guy has.

Plain and simple, you aren’t interested in dating men who have kids.

There are a few things you can do to figure out whether the guy you are thinking about matching with or swiping right on has kids.

For one, take a closer look at his dating profile photos.

Does it look like he has several photos where people are being cut out of the frame?

You see a part of a hand, head, or foot, somewhere in the frame of the photo, and right next to him.

This is a pertinent clue.

It isn’t a hundred percent certainty that this means he is hiding the fact he has kids, by cutting them out of the frame, but it should give you pause.

This is especially true if several of these photos are in locations where parents tend to take their kids to.

Pictures taken at amusement parks, zoos, beaches, museums, public swimming pools, child-themed restaurants, toy stores, etc., are apropos to this.

Is he in locations like this with people near him cut out of the frame?

Watch out for this.

It’s the first step in figuring out whether he has kids.

Take the next step in figuring this out by studying his bio.

A guy who is hiding the fact he has kids does everything in his power to avoid talking about family in his bio.

This is unusual.

Regular people mention their family in some capacity in their bios.

Family is a big part of who we are.

This goes for those of us who have kids and those who don’t.

A guy who completely goes out of his way to avoid mentioning family in any capacity in his bio is suspicious.

This is that much more suspicious when he has written a long bio with lots of details about his life.

With such a detailed bio and no mention of family, he is acting out of the norm.

This is a guy who is so concerned about being regarded as someone who has kids that he doesn’t want to go to the theme of family in any form.

That goes for talking about anyone in his family, whether it be a parent or cousin.

Plus, the thought of mentioning family and not including his kids would make him feel guilty.

Best to not mention family at all.

To men like this, the end justifies the means.