I Am On 5 Dating Apps, But I’m Not Getting Any Matches?

I Am On 5 Dating Apps, But I'm Not Getting Any Matches?

5 dating apps are more than enough to get matches.

There is something you are doing wrong.

Let’s go through a few possibilities.

Verify that your dating profile is set to visible.

Sometimes, people who are new to online dating make the mistake of accidentally setting their dating profile to private.

It’s inadvertent and they have no clue they did it.

Do yourself a favor and check the visibility of your dating profile.

Next, take a look at the match parameters you have set.

Sometimes, there are inadvertent omissions.

People forget to set a range for age or distance.

These are crucial parameters that mustn’t be ignored.

Now, it’s time to take a look at whether your dating profile meets the community guidelines of the dating apps you are signed up on.

Read through the community guidelines very carefully.

Too many guys get too anxious to create a dating profile without looking through the community guidelines to confirm they aren’t breaking any rules.

There are community guidelines that guys have a tendency of breaking, regardless of what dating app they are on.

These have to do with the nature of their photos, the language they use in their bios, and what they write in their messages to potential matches.

How racy are your photos?

How civil is the language in your bio?

How respectful are the messages you are sending to potential matches?

An account that breaks or skirts community guidelines is usually not favored by the dating app’s algorithm, and is given limited visibility.

This dramatically reduces the odds of getting matches.

Next, avoid gaming the system.

Dating apps are weary of guys who swipe too much, clearly not taking the time to read dating profiles before swiping.

These guys practically swipe on every single dating profile they are presented with.

This raises a red flag, forcing the algorithm to label an account as suspicious, which keeps you from being presented with further matches.

Lastly, appraise the quality of your dating profile.

Dating apps are extremely popular, which increases competition between those who are seeking hookups or relationships.

To stand out from everyone else, your dating profile has to be exceptional.

Guys who don’t put much effort into creating an exceptional dating profile are often rewarded with less matches, or no matches.

How detailed and wordy is your bio?

How well-taken are your photos?

A bio of few words is less likely to get matched.

An algorithm thrives on information.

The more information a dating profile has, the likelier it gets a greater number of matches.

This has to do with an algorithm’s penchant for matching people who have common interests, as shown in similar words detected in either dating profile.

How much have you written in your bio?

Consider the quality of your photos too.

A photo is the first thing a potential match sees, and many swipe right on a dating profile based on the quality of the photos they see in it.

When you have photos of bad quality, people keep swiping left on your dating profile.

When an algorithm sees that the majority of people keep swiping left on a dating profile, it concludes that people don’t like it, which consequently keeps it from promoting said dating profile to further potential matches.

This leads to fewer matches, or none at all.