Online Dating: People Who Have Blank Bios?

Online Dating: People Who Have Blank Bios?

This is as lazy as it gets on dating apps.

Blank bios everywhere you look.

Men on dating apps that don’t bother to write a bio are an enigma to you.

In your opinion, it defeats the purpose of signing up on a dating app.

Why do people have blank bios?

You are right.

Laziness is a major factor behind a blank bio.

Writing a bio requires time and effort.

These are guys who don’t want to spend that much effort creating a bio.

He believes that his photos should be enough to get your attention, and if you want to know more, all you need to do is swipe right on his dating profile and message him.

This isn’t a good candidate for a long-term relationship, or a hookup for that matter.

He isn’t giving you that much information about himself on his bio.

This means he isn’t interested about what you have to say in your bio either.

He isn’t intent on reading your dating profile or anyone else’s.

He only cares about what you look like in your photos.

No surprise there, being that his own dating profile is dominated by his photos and not much else.

This doesn’t make for a good candidate for a committed, long-term relationship.

A hookup isn’t likely either.

Guys on dating apps who are looking for hookups put in much more effort on their bios than guys like this.

Guys with blank bios are putting barely any effort in.

This means that he won’t put much effort into conversation with you either, killing the prospect that you even get to hook up with him.

A guy like this isn’t over his ex.

He remains emotionally caught up on her, still reeling from a breakup.

In signing up on a dating app, he is hoping to get a boost to his self-esteem and get a distraction.

This takes his mind off from what he is going through emotionally.

A temporary reprieve so to speak.

He isn’t emotionally available to anyone, including you.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a hookup, a guy that is caught up in his emotions for an ex-girlfriend won’t have the capacity to pursue any type of relationship.

He doesn’t have the motivation.

All he cares about is a temporary reprieve from the emotional suffering, and he hopes that you give him that reprieve.

A guy with a blank bio has no intention of maintaining conversation on a dating app for a sustained period of time.

He creates a dating profile and posts his best photos in the hopes of getting matches.

After a few conversations with a match, he intends to lure her into following him on a different online platform.

The goal is to build his followers on said online platform.

This doesn’t bode well for you.

To a guy like this, you are nothing but a number.

A number that is added to his online platforms to boost his influence and notoriety.