Online Dating: Is A Personal Gift Before Having Even Met Yet Too Much?

Online Dating: Is A Personal Gift Before Having Even Met Yet Too Much?

Having had a good number of great conversations with him on a dating app, you were feeling good about this guy.

With a plethora of common interests shared, the thought of meeting him in person in the foreseeable future was getting you excited.

Until, he sent you a personal gift online.

This made you uneasy.

A feeling that it was too soon to be receiving a personal gift from him overwhelmed your thoughts.

You don’t believe that you have earned it.

Again, you haven’t even met this guy yet.

This personal gift has you worrying about whether his emotions have deepened too soon, and surpassed yours.

It’s so early, and you are fretting over whether he is already getting lost in his own head about your budding relationship with him.

There have been moments in your dating history in the real world where you have been into a guy much sooner than he was into you.

Those situations never ended well.

Up until the moment you received this personal gift from him online, you were liking him and keen on getting to know him, but you don’t want history to repeat itself, with the shoe being on the other foot this time.

There is a fear that he is already getting so far ahead of himself, he is assuming that you are a match with the ideal mate he has molded in his mind.

Even worse, you are agonizing over the prospect that this is the beginning of love bombing.

How terrifying.

You know friends who have been at the receiving end of love bombing and it has never worked out in the end.

Is a personal gift before having even met yet too much?

It isn’t.

The truth is, unless he does it over and over again over the coming weeks, there isn’t anything to be worried about at the moment.

A single digital personal gift isn’t too much.

Remember, you were matched with him on a dating app.

Everyone on a dating app who is there for the right reasons is open to romance.

You are.

He is too, but this doesn’t mean that he is ready to put a wedding ring on your finger.

His personal gift to you online was an expression of his fondness of you, not his premature love for you.

A digital personal gift isn’t the same thing as a physical personal gift.

A physical personal gift has a personal nature to it.

He has to go to a store and buy the gift, then mail it to you.

There is a level of intimacy that goes with that.

A digital personal gift on the other hand isn’t anywhere near as intimate.

There is an impersonal nature to it.

It won’t take much for him to purchase or create a digital product and send it to you online.

He doesn’t exert anywhere near as much of an effort in doing this as he would if it were a physical personal gift.

Hopefully, this gives you a degree of comfort.

As of now, don’t draw any conclusions about this personal gift.

Let the courtship process unfold naturally.

As long as he isn’t sending you a personal gift every week, or buying you a home, there isn’t anything to worry yourself about thus far.

Continue working on getting to know each other, so that you determine whether there is enough chemistry to warrant a face to face meeting.