Online Dating: I Like A Guy Who’s Dating Multiple People And It Bothers Me?

Online Dating: I Like A Guy Who's Dating Multiple People And It Bothers Me?

This is the nature of dating apps.

With the multiple dating options that exist on dating apps, it’s likely that whoever you match with is dating multiple people in tandem.

This is part of the online matchmaking process, and typical in online dating.

I know that it isn’t what you are used to in real life.

Real life dating isn’t the same.

When you have dated men that you met in the real world, you were normally the one person that was getting courted at a time.

Now that dating apps exist, it has created more dating options, and this is what leads to people dating multiple people in conjunction.

It is an advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage is that the dating options provide a wider selection, which improves the odds of finding someone that is a great match.

On the flip side, the disadvantage is that this slew of dating options makes some people never settle on a great match, tempted instead to keep going on endless dates with endless matches.

Even though it bothers you that this guy is dating multiple people, as long as you two haven’t agreed on an exclusive relationship, he has every agency to date these people simultaneously.

He isn’t doing anything wrong by it.

Be careful that you don’t get caught up on how it bothers you.

It comes off as demanding and controlling.

This perception is a turn off.

It gives him a preview of how you would be as a girlfriend, and this doesn’t work in your favor.

The thought of a demanding and controlling girlfriend is never appealing to most men.

Once you decided to get on a dating app to find a mate, you got into a different dating landscape.

A landscape where it is the norm that a match dates multiple people at a time.

If you have an issue with this, you are better off not using a dating app to find a mate.

Should you choose to keep using a dating app to find a mate, you have to adjust to its dating landscape.

To reiterate, it’s not like real life.

A match is most likely dating multiple people, and getting new matches each and every day on a dating app.

This has to be understood and accepted by you, to make online dating work for you.

This being said, consider taking advantage of the dating options that you are given.

When you are dating multiple people in the early stages of courtship, you keep yourself from getting too caught up on any one guy.

This keeps you from getting bothered by a match who is dating multiple people.

Matchmaking is a numbers game.

Dating apps are designed for this purpose.

With those who have a healthy approach to dating multiple people, the hope is that one of those people ends up being their best match.

If he has a healthy approach to dating multiple people, that match could end up being you.

Or it might not.

As long as you are keeping your dating options open and being the best version of yourself, everything will flow naturally, and you will end up with the right person for you.

Whether it be this guy, or someone else.