How To Deal With An Abusive Ex-Girlfriend On A Dating App?

How To Deal With An Abusive Ex-Girlfriend On A Dating App?

Regrettably, your abusive ex-girlfriend is making your life on a dating app a living nightmare.

She is doing everything in her power to make your tenure on it the absolute worst.

By creating fake dating profiles and using them to constantly flag your dating profile for no good reason, she is relentless in trying to get the dating app to remove your dating profile from their platform.

Additionally, she uses these fake dating profiles to trick you into matching with her.

She is smart about it too, using photos of attractive women she knows are your type looks-wise, to trick you into swiping right on her fake dating profiles.

There have been several occasions where you have talked to a match on an ongoing basis, only to later realize that it was her all along.

She led you on, making you think that you were talking to a real match, but you weren’t.

Your abusive ex-girlfriend’s behavior is making you paranoid.

Whenever you match with an attractive woman, you are instantly afraid that the woman behind the dating profile is your abusive ex-girlfriend.

You can’t help it.

There is nothing worse than going down this rabbit hole, thinking you are making a connection with a match, only to learn that you were being given the run around.

You know that she gets sadistic pleasure in knowing that she leads you on like this, and has succeeded in doing so several times.

At present, whenever you log into your account, you are dreading what awaits you.

All you want to do is move on to someone new, someone amazing, but your abusive ex-girlfriend is working overtime to keep you from doing this.

How to deal with an abusive ex-girlfriend on a dating app?

I know this has been the worst nightmare for you.

This was the last thing you expected to encounter on your path to finding a new girlfriend.

I could tell you to report these fake dating profiles to the dating app to get them deleted, but this would provide nothing but a temporary reprieve.

Unfortunately, it is far too easy for people to create fake dating profiles on dating apps.

The moment a fake dating profile is flagged, it doesn’t take much for a person to create another one, and another, into perpetuity.

Ergo, reporting these fake dating profiles won’t provide a lasting effect.

A better approach is to hide your dating profile or go into incognito mode.

This means that you get to choose who gets to see your dating profile.

The only women who get to see your dating profile are those you swipe right on, like, or message.

The dating app’s algorithm won’t present your dating profile to members of the dating app at large when it is hidden or in incognito mode.

Consider changing a few of the matching parameters you use.

Your abusive ex-girlfriend is well aware of what you look for in a partner.

She knows what you look for in looks, personality, interests, lifestyle, ethnicity, cultural background, educational background, etc.

You get the point.

Make a few changes to these match parameters so that it isn’t that easy for her to find your dating profile or be presented with it by the algorithm.

The aforementioned measures mitigate the nightmare that your abusive ex-girlfriend has been putting you through on this dating app.

Nevertheless, to completely eliminate the prospects that she comes across your dating profile, strongly consider signing up on a totally different dating app that isn’t affiliated with the one you are presently using.

A dating app she would never guess you are using.

You won’t have a hard time with this.

There are thousands of dating apps in existence.

Stay quiet about it.

Abstain from telling anyone that you and your abusive ex-girlfriend mutually know about it.

This keeps her from finding out about it, saving you from yet another nightmare on a different dating app.