When You Keep Seeing The Dating Profiles Of Gay Men In Spite Of Having Filters On For Women?

When You Keep Seeing The Dating Profiles Of Gay Men In Spite Of Having Filters On For Women?

This is drawing your ire.

Yes, it annoys you whenever you see the dating profiles of gay men in spite of having filters on for women.

It’s not that you have anything against gay men, but you are annoyed that these gay men keep marking themselves as women to get a dating app’s algorithm to present their dating profiles to men.

You are straight, and again, have nothing against gay men.

Nevertheless, regardless of the fact that you have filters on for women, it doesn’t seem to stop the dating profiles of gay men from being presented to you.

It is hard enough getting matched with women you are interested in, let alone having to field dating profiles from gay men.

The audacity in these gay men to mark themselves as women is unbelievable to you.

You have every reason to be aggravated, and let me tell you this.

This complaint is getting increasing pervasive in the digital world of online dating.

And yes, it is never a good feeling when you know that several gay men are purposely marking themselves as women on their dating profiles, so that the algorithm sends their dating profiles to men.

To alleviate this, flag these dating profiles whenever they are presented to you.

Every time you flag one, the dating app can take the necessary disciplinary action against the dating profile.

Hide your dating profile or go into incognito mode.

Doing this gives you significantly more independence over who matches with you.

The people that get to see your dating profile are the ones you actually swipe right on or like.

This gives you much greater control over your online dating experience.

Hiding your dating profile or going into incognito mode keeps a dating app’s algorithm from presenting your dating profile to gay men on the platform who mark themselves as women.

Although this means that the algorithm is also no longer presenting you with arbitrary matches, you have taken control of who sees your dating profile.

These are women that you strictly choose to swipe right on or like, which eliminates any prospects that you keep seeing the dating profiles of gay men who are marking themselves as women.

Although these measures are helpful, completely changing the dating app you are using is the ultimate panacea.

Some dating apps are more notorious than others when it comes to gay men marking themselves as women.

Once a dating app is known for this behavior, it attracts more perpetrators.

More gay men who are inclined to mark themselves as women so as to deceive an algorithm into sending their dating profiles to guys like you, make their way to said dating app and sign up.

A dating app with this reputation becomes a cesspool for this behavior.

In which case, you are at at a massive disadvantage, and staying on the dating app is a losing battle.

Starting over on a different dating app that isn’t reputed for this behavior becomes the strongest path to eliminating these incidents completely.