Online Dating: Does He Like Me If He Doesn’t Flirt With Me?

Online Dating: Does He Like Me If He Doesn't Flirt With Me?

There have been a number of dates since you matched with each other on a dating app.

Good times.

You enjoyed the dates.

There is another date coming up.

You should be happy.

Everything seems to be going well.

Nonetheless, there is an elephant in the room.

He doesn’t flirt with you.

At the outset, you thought he was shy and that after a few more conversations with you, and a date or two, he would loosen up and start flirting.

It hasn’t happened.

The truth is, you are worried that he doesn’t like you.

You don’t want to spend the next several weeks or months venturing out on dates with him, and be left disappointed every time a date ends without any flirting and a platonic hug goodnight.

There is a reason why you signed up on a dating app.

You want to find a partner that is compatible with you.

The hope that he is said partner is diminishing with each passing week and date that he doesn’t flirt with you.

On paper, he is the right match for you.

Not only did you share chemistry with him on a dating app, the chemistry was evident in all of your consequent dates with him too.

Nevertheless, with everything seemingly perfect, he doesn’t flirt with you.

I know this has you stumped, but allow me to quell your doubts about whether he likes you or not.

He does.

He wouldn’t be taking you out on dates and paying for them, while initiating conversations with you in-between dates, if he didn’t like you.

That much investment of time and money is a good sign that he likes you.

Guys on dating apps don’t get anywhere near as many matches as women do.

When a guy gets a match that he likes, he doesn’t want to mess things up, out of the fear of getting unmatched by her.

Unlike a woman, he doesn’t have a legion of matches waiting for him on a dating app.

With this mindset, he is overly cautious.

He chooses not to flirt with you so that he never runs the risk of offending or upsetting you.

To him, he isn’t intent on flirting with you until he is certain that you are open to it.

This is where you come in.

Your body language hasn’t given him enough to encourage him to flirt with you.

It is fairly closed, and you aren’t aware of it.

Time to make a change.

Make it routine to establish eye contact with him, and sustain it with a wide smile.

Eye contact creates an intimate connection, giving him a sense of familiarity with you that has a tendency to loosen him up and get him to relax.

Touch is the next step.

Touch creates a physical connection that is comforting.

Use touch as he is handing you something, or vice versa.

Touch his hand in the process, and linger, so that he knows it was no accident.

Compliment him.

A compliment from you lets him know that you are attracted to him.

Yes, guys want this reassurance as much as women do.

Remember, you met each other on a dating app.

Basically, you met him in cyberspace.

Now that you have met him in person, it goes a long way to reassure him that you find him attractive by giving him a compliment about his physicality.

This emboldens him, making him believe that you are happy with what he looks like in person.

Finally, physical proximity is a factor.

Use any excuse to close the physical space between you whenever you are out on dates.

Offer a piece of your meal or a taste of your drink so that he has to close in for a sample.

This brings your bodies closer together, breaking the personal space barrier that we all have.

All of these body language cues gives him a strong impression that you are open to flirting.

It won’t be long before he openly flirts with you in future dates.